nonstopas 2 weeks ago

@redhead what about weight lifting, or during HIIT sessions you do not build any muscle and it's more like cardio?

redhead 2 weeks ago

@nonstopas yeah 10 sets of 30 second on 30 second off sprints is a classic HIIT go-to. Do that 3 times a week and cut fat in your diet and you'll see results.

redhead 3 weeks ago

@forestpump read the side bar on the main sub. you will never hear from her again. get over it

iLLprincipLeS 3 weeks ago

@redhead That's the pop version of The Devil's Pleasure Palace

TheStoicCrane 3 weeks ago

@redhead Unless it's for her offspring everything a woman does is out of self-interest.

redhead 3 weeks ago

@MatrixofLe3adership women in management positions tend to exhibit queen bee behavior. this has been psychologically proven. they basically use power for their own gains in every way possible.

redhead 3 weeks ago

@TheStoicCrane correct. I am the way I am because I was raised by a war hardened special forces soldier.

TheViolat0r 3 weeks ago

@redhead terrible idea on Ms. Magic Hands' part. I feel like it was just a shit test though. It was hard not to look at Ms. Banjo Senatra...She would make a great plate. Either way, I don't expect to hear from her again after friday. Ms. MH walked me home, gave her a hug, squeezed tight and said goodnight. Can see her place from my s-walk

TheViolat0r 3 weeks ago

@redhead Haven't been with an Asian yet, though. She's first up.

redhead 3 weeks ago

@TheViolat0r get in there and violate her

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