destraht 18 hours ago

@Bukharin Go big and stay home is my moto.

Abaddon 19 hours ago


Well, I’m going nofap so when the virus is all burnt out and I can re-emerge into a brave new world I’ll be able to skeet an uncontaminated mega monster mammoth nut all over a cock-starved female survivor.

bloodexorcist 19 hours ago

@destraht I don't know... fucking anything. Anything except sitting in the corner, getting fat and jerking off

destraht 19 hours ago

@VintageNaginta What are you offering beyond a sound strategy for wanking it during uncertain times and being fat enough to survive illness? Lets hear it.

destraht 19 hours ago

@TopSperg I think that some of that. But silver smashed down so hard relative to gold? No way man. Some player like JP Morgan (or whomever it is this round) played some paper game with silver that doesn't exist to smash down the price. Maybe the stackers didn't buy, but I doubt just such a sudden selling off like that.

The game is that the vaults of Western governments have been depleting in real physical supplies owned by them as people take delivery in anticipation of a "global reset". Meanwhile China and Russia have been buying on the down low, although much less secretly lately. The West wants to kick the can living it up great, the East has been fine living less than while accumulating.

Occasionally the West gets to swoop in on national gold supplies like what they stole from Libya, Ukraine, etc (probably half-a-dozen more if researched thoroughly). Once ounce of real allows them to manipulate many ounces of imaginary which in terms allows many more units of pure fiat currency to be controlled. That is the other side of the "petro-dollar". The control of gold is still relevant for delaying a recount. The recount / global reset is nobody trusting each other and all wanting to accurately determine what everyone actually has. These new real verified levels will be a large component for calculating the new global banking cartel buy-in. Also for determining the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket percentages if that is still being used or if its been renamed and restructured. Global currency used during a time of great mistrust.

They've even taken over Bitcoin proper (Not forks like BItcoin Cash, although I'm not very current). By centralizing and using the Lighting Network over the top of it they gain all of the benefits of a centralized currency with the robustness of the decentralization. If need be they'll offer up Bitcoin proper as an oops we've failed oh noes don't be a renegade please noes.

VintageNaginta 19 hours ago

@destraht Destrahts guide to masturbating in the apocalypse... yknow, when shit hits the fan its time to lock ourselves into the pursuit of individualistic, hedonic pleasures. Thats a fine kettle of cope. At what point do you venture out of the apocalyptic masturbatorium to start repopulating the pornosphere? You're gonna get tired of that porn eventually. Your mental health requires you to have somewhere to escalate to (at least thats what you seem to be saying)

How do you repornulate?

TopSperg 20 hours ago

@destraht My theory is that the timeline could swing so extreme right now that everyone is in cash. It is too risky and unpredictable. They are waiting to see which way it breaks to put money back in. You could be right though.

destraht 20 hours ago

Letter to my mom. I'm just tired of hearing stupid stuff. I did my good son part and now its time to be gruff.

No no no!!!! I've been telling you that this is god damn false since the beginning when I was paying attention to it more than every ignorant person whom is lying to you now. You are using absolutely retarded Party numbers. The only full cycle worth of data for a complete civilization impacted is the absolutely lying Chinese COMMUNIST Party. Once the medical staff is swamped the kill rate is much higher.

Do what you want. I got you to prep WEEKS before other people were when they lied and said that its nothing. So if you want to snooze and believe the incompetents and the liars now then that is your business. I'm absolved of sin and you're a big girl.

destraht 20 hours ago

@TopSperg Wow!! I just checked it out and its down to $16.75 or -5.63%. That purely means that they are ultra paranoid about this situation getting out of hand. I'm calculating the gold/silver price ratio at 95.94. That is completely insane (again). Lately the new normal (before a collapse) has been high 80's, with 90+ being a sign of relative instability. They almost always smash down silver harder than they can with gold. It works like this; gold is the currency of kings, silver is the currency of merchants, debt is the current of slaves. Since silver isn't being used to buy virgins and goats and since the big boys think in gold, its easier to smash it down. Warning though, they smash it down using fake silver that doesn't exist. That is actually the original banker scam at the beginning of history - more gold receipts than gold.

Quite simply, things are completely out of whack. Get strong, get confident, have food. I think that its all coming undone now. I was giving this whole piece of shit anywhere from tomorrow to some amount of years from now, but the virus impact has forced the play. Its all over. Everything. Global collapse doesn't mean everyone dies - just ask a Russian, but what with the virus in the mix certainly a lot of people will. This is it, the reason that you've been keeping your lands untapped all of the way to the discard phase.

You just have to be really smart now;

1) Do not become concentrated under any circumstances period. Concentrated people almost always get fucked. Don't do it, nope, nope, nope. Flip a U and drive away from the concentrated quarantine or whatever it is called. At least make them work for it. Check the exits out of town, are there cameras only facing in on boundary streets?

2) Think on your feet, don't be a normie. They're uselessness is about to become highly evident in the more consequential environment. Its said that civilization is just 2-4 meals away from going apeshit. Well with Americans in many areas they only need to be denied a luxury or entitlement to go apeshit.

Its going to just be weird. Very few people will simply be saying that "The economy was incredibly juiced up and then a black swan happened". It will be Donald Trump did it for some tens of percent of the population. Jesus is coming. If you have some stoic clean intellectual vibe with some kind of better answers then some parasitic people will come to listen to you, but many of them weren't there during the mania period and once this is all over in probably some years and its on the way up again they won't have time for you again. If you're going to fill in some energy vampire normies then realize what it is as you are doing it. When they feel needy you'd be surprised at how open people become. Then its all straight back to being gay on the main reddit page.

destraht 22 hours ago

Well, global collapse appears to be well underway. If its not nasty deflationary in the beginning then i should still be able to get the cash into Transnistria, maybe even easier in the short term. Otherwise, well just more broken dreams, live another day.

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