adam-l about a week ago

@shitinhermouth23 Before the institution of marriage, alimony and child support, women faced the extreme evolutionary burden of having a man's child and then being abandoned. They had to scam other men into providing, and so became expert crooks - even to the point of perfection, of being able to scam themselves.

Today, both their ex and society at large (i.e. the taxxed male population) supports her children, and rationally speaking she need not be a crook in order to manage. However, her nature of constantly trying to scam men out of their resources (their protection as well), has remained stable.

adam-l about a week ago

@disabledtrp What hurts more, the lack of intimacy or the pride?

Also, I don't know how this idea that paying for sex is shameful came to be. We all end up paying for sex, one way or another. Geez, it's even the default mating procedure for the "elite."

I've read your article, of course. I'd be thrilled to hear that you have broken new ground again, but frankly, it might be as good as it gets. And, objectively, it's deamn good too. When there are even naturals that get divorce raped and have their children abducted, you just living life and enjoying sex is kick-ass.

shitinhermouth23 about a week ago

@adam-l If women didn't exist men would just sit around and play with their dicks all day. When it comes to nature, we are disposable. Women are much more valuable to the propagation of the species. As a result, they do what is best for them. And why its hard for men to stop protecting them is because it is in our nature to do so for the sake of the species.

disabledtrp about a week ago

@adam-l You are totally right, i agree that's it's overvalued. Maybe my words make it looks like this is the only thing in my life and make everyday miserable, like an incel. Not the case. I have a lot of fun, love my work, my hobbies, going to the gym. I have a happy life, can't complain. It would be a plus with women in the picture, but not essential. On the prostitutes subject, i had similar arrangements, that has bring me a lot of fun. It just that paying with money, hurts my pride and is something i have problems to manage. It makes me feel like a beta who needs to pay to have it, when others have it for free (and under my subjective view, i believe i have the same or even better qualities that the ones make it for free). Maybe i could kill some of my pride in the future or looking somehow with another look, to enjoy the practical part of it.

Caldero about a week ago

@adam-l You can't read properly. This is what I said.

I propose this. You take a picture of yourself no face, clothes on. Then I'll post a picture of my physique and you will tell what's my age and how I'm able to not give a fuck a bout pussy.

You want me to explain it like a fucking five year old? Ok.

You are non lifting faggot and I don't care. But you are trying to prove that my points and arguments are not so so valid depending on my age. Since I can type any kind of digit and literally lie to you about my age I proposed a better thing. A picture of myself, you'd see my age range and also you'd tell from my physique how I manage to not care about pussy and specially loosers who live for the sake of it.

You try to corner me with your gay ass what's your age question so I doubled up in the most honest way to answer it. Now it's up to you chump.

rKKKselected about a week ago

@adam-l non-lifting phags like u are alwaye first to bring up the ghey, lol just lol. post fizek fatty.

adam-l about a week ago

@Caldero so let me see if I get it right: we'll show each other our naked bodies and thus prove that we are not gay, right?

Caldero about a week ago

@adam-l You can't even comprehend my proposal is so much better. Can't you see how easy it is to type a couple of digits, here take look:

12 That's my age.

Now... take your picture and I'll take mine stating my real age.

adam-l about a week ago

@Caldero first tell me your age. I asked first.

Caldero about a week ago

@adam-l You are doing the gayer version of "source please". You need to see if I've walked trough life long enough or if I'm an angry teenage incel to point your finger at me.

Since you are so gay and sensitive. I propose this. You take a picture of yourself no face, clothes on because you are obviously a non lifting faggot, we gotta know it's you so choose something to hold on your hands, maybe a dildo with your name on it.

Then I'll post a picture of my physique and you will tell what's my age and how I'm able to not give a fuck a bout pussy.


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