SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@RedRum Libs who think violence is cool only ever experienced it in movies. I've had the misfortune (stupidity more like) of discovering a fist fight won't always stay a fist fight. Those libs you fought are lucky you weren't some hood rat with something to prove.

RedRum about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment having had a few experiences of fighting leftists for non political reasons each time they attacked first and then freak out when you get the upper hand. They literally cannot control their outbursts. Like spoiled brats.

MentORPHEUS about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment They appear to be preparing to fight in a Zombie Apocalypse so they're upping their 1/4 speed pulled punch game. That patch of lawn they use as a Dojo will become known to locals as "The Fentanyl Patch"

JohannesFactotum about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I think you meant rout. Their next rout with the Alt-Right. Or is that an Alt-Brawl?

RPFerro about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment i was posting along the lines of crony capitalism and bureaucracy, as bloated management structures and monopolies foster incompetence. With processes becoming more automated, elites in such a system become a parasite instead of obselete (the norm). In order to remain in power, they have to make shit up.

bear-with-bit 2 months ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I'd pay good money for these sorry excuse of a male to get in a ring with the girls in the beginner boxing class at my gym.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

Antifa training for their next brawl with the Alt-Right. I can't tell if those punches were filmed in slow motion or not.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

@RPFerro I am of the contrary opinion still. For most of the models I use, when taking pareto efficiency into account, pure cutthroat capitalism produces the highest fertility, least crime, highest standard of living. Eminent starvation makes women more likely to marry young, and to stable honest men. This makes all of society better off.

RPFerro 2 months ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment i was thinking about this the other day. Elites will not fix all of the problems, b/c they would be forced to follow the path of Cincinnatus. Instead, they fix just enough to appear useful or fabricate problems to scare the plebes into thinking 'elite' guidance is needed. In reality, most are mere managers.

SafeWordIsCommitment 2 months ago

@THE_StrongBoy Can you imagine buying a car with no guarantee of quality, have to pay a government mandated price, and if you don't want the car because it sucks, not only do you not get a refund, you still need to pay for it for 26 weeks?

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