Rian_stone 3 months ago

@redpillschool Yeah, who else committed the unforgiveable act of using reddit as intended?

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@MentORPHEUS Nope, and I'm not expecting any. Send a weekly reminder, with the same message, and a request for acknowledgement. It's 15 seconds out of my week, so I don't mind.

But I already know this will fall on deaf ears, but I'll continue to be professional about it

MentORPHEUS 3 months ago

@Rian_stone Looks like the OP was removed or deleted, not u/GLO.

Speaking of, what have you heard from Reddit about your suspended account?

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@GayLubeOil looks like you were unpersonned. Account deleted?

TheStoicCrane 3 months ago

@Rian_stone George Washington was a land surveyor at the age of 10. Western culture likes to promote the state of perpetual adolescence to it's own detriment. Better to mature quickly than not at all.

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@W1tchBladez REad the sidebar, get on a workout program, learn some game. Dont' worry about more than that for at least a year, you're still a kid FFS

W1tchBladez 3 months ago

@Rian_stone thanks mate i appreciate the advice. Sorry for saying mastering the red pill I had no idea how to state what i wanted to say bc i literally only swallowed the red pill like yesterday. thanks again hopefully you can share more of you're wisdom with me in the future. :)

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@W1tchBladez I see nothing in there about working out, or reading the basics on game.

I'd start there, and stop thinking you master redpill, the phrase is a placeholder term for learning from other men

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@redpillschool none of them Marriedredpill redpilled parenting, books, purple pill debate.

All still up

Rian_stone 3 months ago

@jwayne especially since I'm pretty sure TRP wants nothing to do with Anthony, and the podcast is under his company.

We will see Monday

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