RedRum 2 days ago

Google CEO has also had a press release saying Trump frauded elections and "how to we prevent that from happening again".

This news needs to spread quick

WanaxAgamemnon 2 days ago

@RedRum the right could just as well interpret this as the rise of leftist "fascism" (post revision)

The only exception would be "religion" that they could replace with "institutionalized ideology" or something.

They wouldn't be wrong...

GayLubeOil 3 days ago

@RedRum this is bullet point copypasta of the Authoritarian Personality

RedRum 3 days ago

@destraht (Cont.) You see little forum. I see home to the future of successful young men. Young men who need a platform to speak freely and be guided into a path to become masculine men. I don't take this lightly. They don't take us lightly. Small forum = big threat to them. But it also means the world to people like me.

RedRum 3 days ago

@destraht I was introduced to the word "stoicism" by the redpill back in 2013. Less than 6 months ago, world health organization posted an article about "toxic masculinity" that listed all the tenants I had read about on TRP. Included in one of those items was the word "stoicism". Such an uncommon word to use I had never heard of the word in my life before TRP. Attempts are made to silence us.

RedRum 3 days ago

@destraht Don't doxx yourself. That's the enemy's job. We need strong men more than ever. Can't be dipping out in the night because we let apathy take the wheel for a second.

RedRum 3 days ago

@redpillschool the amount of young men I've met who were looking for a girl to choke them out and be the dominant one rises every year.

RedRum 3 days ago

@destraht "Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers" - grammar teachers around the globe shriek in pronouns

destraht 3 days ago

@RedRum IMO Its all a long term deal. Crazy shit will be happening in the short and medium terms but really the problem is much more than a little forum like this and how it fits in say 2 months from now.

destraht 3 days ago

@RedRum Fair enough about the paper trail. I'm already on so many damn lists though due to where I've been, written and other stuff that I think fuck it. Although like Theon said though "it can always be worse". I'm probably just not up a good fit this moment. I could see myself being down in like 6 months though. I don't like to half-commit and working for free is a hell of a prospect.

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