RedRum 2 months ago


  • Bringing up inappropriate subjects at inopportune times

  • Mad at people for not reacting the way he wants

  • People's feelings in the matter is of no importance

  • Habitually repeats behavior

I swear liberalism is just self-induced autism at this point

RedRum 2 months ago

@destraht Google's censorship tech is being developed and utilized in China. It's only a matter of time before they try selling that tech to the US and using it against us. Have you noticed how many cameras there are in each state lately?

RedRum 2 months ago

@revengerence what if Muhammad approaches you and he has a knife ?

RedRum 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane (cont. ) so now I know with those 2 experiences it is not ok no matter how hot they may be. It made me not like them anymore and I viewed them more like a liability to my life.

RedRum 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane I had always had a per-concieved notion that having any amount of female stalkers would be cool and a little sexy but having a girl show up to your house at night bc she found your new address in the state's business directory was surprising and discomforting. Another girl found every possible social media outlet she could and it concerned me about my own privacy.

Noblefiz 2 months ago

@RedRum from what I remember correctly it's tough in my state if you have a criminal history. So I have to refamiliarize myself. If all is well then I'll grab one

revengerence 2 months ago

@RedRum if its with your bare hands, sure.

destraht 2 months ago

@RedRum I think almost nothing and then work it up from there.

TheStoicCrane 2 months ago

@RedRum Depends on how good they look like.

RedRum 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane cocks shotgun speak for yourself

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