Joshua_Pectorals 4 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Rollo wants to sue because you wrote a few pages about him. inhales

TheStoicCrane 4 months ago

@Joshua_Pectorals None if you are going to bother reading the studies in depth. Which is why I opted for a simple article. Feel free.

Chaddeus_Rex 4 months ago


I thought its a well known fact that hig IQ males have a harder time mating with ANY female not just low IQ females.

The reason that IQ is falling is that socially high IQ males are not viewed as high status and even high IQ females would prefer a lower IQ, masculine male.

There seems to be an inverse correlation between IQ and masculinity and male fertility.

Moreover, socially men who outwardly engage in the victim olympics or who are higher status in the victim hierarchy (ie arab hoodlums) are more likely to mate with white females.

Finally, although physically fertile (capable of breeding), high IQ females do not seem to have a penchant for breeding as much as their lower IQ counterparts - some would argue they prefer less sex - but I do not agree with that point.

The point is - in both genders - high IQ seems to reduce their chances of breeding but this trend is especially common in men.

Joshua_Pectorals 4 months ago

@TheStoicCrane So you concede that demographics has an effect on IQ. Your article has no numbers, no source, no way of explaining why its environmental, or even the way the study was conducted.

Just a simple appeal to authority

TheStoicCrane 4 months ago

@Joshua_Pectorals You're under the impression that Dysgenic fertility theory is responsible for declining IQ but fail to realize that even in high IQ families progeny IQ is declining.

Scientists correlate this drop to environmental factors over genetic. Scapegoating immigrants will do little to resolve the decline.

Joshua_Pectorals 4 months ago
Joshua_Pectorals 4 months ago

@TheStoicCrane The funny thing is that article is saying exactly what I

TheStoicCrane 4 months ago

@Joshua_Pectorals Learn to understand a theory before distorting it for your own viewpoint.

What "regression to the mean" really means.

Joshua_Pectorals 4 months ago

@TheStoicCrane This still doesn

TheStoicCrane 4 months ago

@Joshua_Pectorals Galton's Law of Natural Heredity debunks your opinion.

Regardless of how dumb an offspring's parents are the offspring's deep-rooted ancestral DNA can elevate their IQ to higher than that of their immediate parents.

Their Ma & PA might be dumb as rocks but if they have a Great Great Great Great Grandfather other one or both sides with comparatively higher IQ and inherit those genes to the point of expression the parent's IQ is irrelevant, as is your argument.

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