Ironeyes 19 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex And yes, communism made it's satelite states garbage. Read their history.

Ironeyes 20 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex They weren't, you provided an exception to a specific class of people that were largely responsible for communism so fuck off with your lies.

Chaddeus_Rex 25 minutes ago

@Ironeyes u said communists were nto big on people leaving. I provided an example that disproved ur statement. Jews werent the only population that left.

And yes Capitalism did not save india or congo or ukraine or ivory coast. And lets not pretend the soviet satellite states were shitty bc of communism.

Get out of here larper

Ironeyes 29 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex People left all the time != the jews left all the time. You're using exceptions to try to prove a rule, get outta here larper. And let's not pretent India is shitty because of capitalism.

Chaddeus_Rex 32 minutes ago

@Ironeyes except ppl left all the time, and the jews left for isreal in the 60s and 70s when they wanted...

Also try escaping when ur making $1/day to feed ur family. At least in communist countries ur leaving with a full belly.

Nice try tho

Ironeyes 34 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex You have a chance to escape. Something commies are not very fond of.

Chaddeus_Rex 37 minutes ago

@Ironeyes so capitalism is great but if ur in a sweat shop in india, its not great? Come on now.

Ironeyes 38 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex So communism is great but if you're not in the USSR proper it's not great? Come on now.

Chaddeus_Rex 39 minutes ago

@Ironeyes again I lived in ex USSR country. Not a shitty satellite state like Poland and Romania. My grandparents worked the Kolhoz in a small village outside Odessa.

The villages were fine. If by small cities you mean Vorkuta or Gulag cities, ur right. Ither than that, stop spreading lies

Ironeyes 43 minutes ago

@Chaddeus_Rex The only abundance the USSR had was in corruption. People in the capitol were fine, large cities - somewhat fine, small cities and villages - dirt and prayer. You're looking up fucked up statistics from commie frauds that you don't understand. Go to these countries, ask someone who doesn't have dementia and see what they say

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