Bancroft 9 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Hey Rollo. Just wanted to apologize and say my actions from months ago were really dumb and completely uncalled for. I was intoxicated (yes, this is a poor reason) and obviously delusional in my claims. I really appreciate you taking mercy and not bringing down the hammer on me. Thanks for your writing.

RedRum 9 months ago

@Bancroft welcome back

Bancroft 9 months ago

Guys can't get over oneitis because they're in denial about their subconscious idealistic dream that one day her feelings would change for them. Best way to end this is to ensure the dream can never happen. Writing love letters or being "vulnerable" about your feelings work great. She'll be so repulsed by weakness you will have 0 chance

Bancroft 9 months ago

Soon I hope women will finally be accepted as the more dangerous but still weaker sex. Like how some female insects kill their mates. Dangerous in that they prey and survive by feeding off of submissive men. Weaker in that they obviously lack all capacity to respect logic, truth, or something other than their child's and own wellbeing

Bancroft 9 months ago

Women exploit mans desire for romantic love like a wise man exploits a woman's need for emotional validation. The difference is in the scope of damage. Man teases and stays distant to create playful and temporary dramatic anxiety, but women have no regrets ripping out a guys entire ego, shitting on it, and replacing it with a better one

RedRum about a year ago
redpillschool about a year ago

@Bancroft Take it easy, champ. Rollo is the father of the manosphere.

dr_warlock about a year ago

@Bancroft You cant get up in Rollo's grill to trash his writing and call him a girl only to back down cuz some gym bro shamed you. Where's the conviction?

Bancroft about a year ago

@GayLubeOil youre right. I'm out of line. I'll shut up now

SafeWordIsCommitment about a year ago

@Bancroft I highly recommended rereading some Dale Carnegie. When dealing with certain people, subtlety and tact are the signals we use to demonstrate our level of skill in the game.

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