Archwinger 4 weeks ago

Women lie. Not even about important shit. Just to look smarter or more informed. Just to avoid looking socially iffy. Or for no reason. And they do it so often and so easily that lies sound just like normal speech. If you don't know the answer before you ask the question, you would never have any clue you're being lied to.

Archwinger about a month ago

@redpillbanana You have to read between the lines in her profile, too. "Not looking for a fuck buddy" doesn't mean "I don't have casual sex". It means "I already have enough fuck buddies right now. I'm posting this profile to attract money buddies and emotional tampon buddies".

Archwinger about a month ago

@GayLubeOil Consider what her needs are. Money, sex, childcare, fun. If a "genuine guy" is not a fun sex partner or a surrogate father for her child, by process of elimination, a genuine guy would be an ATM.

SlamSlask about a month ago

@RedRum I had situations like this so many times It first stopped when i got so annoyed that i just set a specific date and time @Archwinger Thanks for the insightful comment never really understood why

dr_warlock about a month ago

@Archwinger I was playing a game of pool w/ a girl once. When person X scratches, person Y decides whether it's 'ball in hand' or behind the second dot on the break side. I scratched & gave the ball to her. She asked ME what I wanted. I told her I'm the 1 that scratched, it's her choice. She vehemently refused. Women HATE responsibility

Archwinger about a month ago

Never ask for a woman's opinion or thoughts. Just do what you want to do and bring her along. If you ask a woman how she feels about something, that's the same thing as asking her to decide something for you, or asking for her permission. She makes decisions based on how she feels, so asking how she feels is asking her to lead.

blue_dover about a month ago

@RedRum What are your goals muscle building or fat loss? - I know @redpillschool and @archwinger both follow low carb diets - Maybe they can pitch in

RPFerro about a month ago

@Archwinger if we make enough of our complaints into electronic pixels, the world will have to change. /s

Archwinger about a month ago

@GayLubeOil Everyone knows that real men congregate on the internet to fix the wrongs in society. And, of course, to support each other with bro-love by acknowledging how unfair we all have it. Did you know that stupid women would rather have sex with a gym rat than a cool engineering major who doesn't pedestalize pussy by staying fit?

RedRum about a month ago

@Archwinger you can get natural peanutbutter instead of satan's jiffy which is high in unholy sugars. Add more whey protein to the mix for higher protein density.

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