Archwinger 2 weeks ago

The Wall Street bull is a symbol for a bull market -- a period of success, growth, and prosperity. And on women's day, the women have chosen a symbol for themselves:

A petulant, defiant child, standing in the way of success, growth, and prosperity.

This is EXACTLY how misogynists picture women, too!

Women are so stupid.

dr_warlock 2 weeks ago

@Archwinger When women wear skimpy clothes, theyre only consenting 2 have chad, daquan, raymundo, ahkmed-the-terrorist, chadstein, & yuri chadzemov look. All else is eye-rape


Men must stand Bhind the blindside of 1way glass, lined up waiting 2B chosen 4 permission 2 exit the room & have the priveledge of glancing @ these angels

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

@redpillschool The real story has nothing to do with feminism. She has a movie coming out. And like all actresses, her tits and/or some juicy tabloid gossip come out just shortly before the movie comes out to increase her notoriety. Now more people will buy tickets to her movie, and people make money. Nobody gives a shit about feminism.

redpillschool 2 weeks ago

@Archwinger She's wearing a lot of makeup in her interviews. Conforming to gender stereotypes isn't very feminist...

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

@blue_dover It's not objectification for her to pose in skimpy clothing for the purpose of looking sexy to onlookers. It's only objectification when you look at the pictures.

Archwinger 3 weeks ago

The very second you let a woman feel like she doesn't need to bring her A-game to keep you interested, you now have a B-rate woman.

redpillbanana about a month ago

@Archwinger Everywhere in the manosphere you're two clicks away from GLO:

RedRum about a month ago

@Archwinger GLO did the opposite for me. Whenever I saw the word 'gay' I used to think of flaming homosexual behavior. Now I think of a burly Russian on the internet.

Archwinger about a month ago

@RedRum GayLubeOil has ruined the internet. Every time you search for me on Google, he comes up as a suggested link.

Archwinger about a month ago

@TomFoo Yup. Now every time somebody thinks about the Wachowskis, instead of thinking about an epic trilogy of movies, all they'll think about is sexual deviancy. Way to piss on their family name.

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