Archwinger 8 months ago

@Elfclan30 If you only have one woman, she's not the plate. You are.

RedRum 8 months ago

@Archwinger they're not creative with their bullshit. if they make an effort to announce something ideological or moral it's usually almost always the opposite.

Archwinger 8 months ago

@RedRum Women are great at lying if you're not watching them. They make perfect eye contact, their breath and tone of voice never falters, their behavior is perfectly normal. They believe what they're saying, or at least believe they're right to be saying it. The technical lying is perfect. You catch them behaving badly by watching them.

SafeWordIsCommitment 9 months ago

@Archwinger My homework says that when investors get scared, they first pull out, then diversify their holdings to hedge bets. That means a few will tend to divert funds to promising little upstarts that will then spike in price.

Archwinger 9 months ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment So sell bitcoin soon-ish, then buy it after it forks?

0xdada 9 months ago

@Archwinger looking into getting Pepe cast in brass, see where it ends up.

RedRum 9 months ago

@Archwinger memes are the future

Archwinger 9 months ago

@blue_dover Someone should make a meme out of it and post it on Facebook. That's the only way idiots communicate nowadays.

Archwinger 9 months ago

The Wall Street bull is a symbol for a bull market -- a period of success, growth, and prosperity. And on women's day, the women have chosen a symbol for themselves:

A petulant, defiant child, standing in the way of success, growth, and prosperity.

This is EXACTLY how misogynists picture women, too!

Women are so stupid.

dr_warlock 9 months ago

@Archwinger When women wear skimpy clothes, theyre only consenting 2 have chad, daquan, raymundo, ahkmed-the-terrorist, chadstein, & yuri chadzemov look. All else is eye-rape


Men must stand Bhind the blindside of 1way glass, lined up waiting 2B chosen 4 permission 2 exit the room & have the priveledge of glancing @ these angels

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