RPFerro 2 weeks ago

@Archwinger w/ electoral college, at least Repub.s and conservative opinions have a chance at being counted, as in the recent election. in popular voting, any moderate or conservative candidate would be automatically marginalized, which would lead to elections like in Russia- they get to vote, but there's only one candidate on the ballot.

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

Red Pill: If you're a man and you're not getting laid, your problem is that women don't respect you.

Blue Pill: If you're a man and you're not getting laid, your problem is that you don't respect women.

It's amazing how much more sense one of these ideas makes after you strip away all of the extra fat.

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

@RPFerro The intentions of the EC are sound, but it just results in the same situation, only with different state being the ones that matter. CA, NY, and TX are givens, so nobody even campaigns in those. Republicans start at an automatic deficit every election. And everybody rushes to suck the dicks of the few states that can be swung.

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

@G_Petronius Think about the full implications of that quote. "During your best years", you don't need a husband. That implies that once you reach a time other than your best years, it's time to share those second-best years with some loser man. Those silly little men will never know the difference, right? They're just happy to be there.

redpillbanana 2 weeks ago

@Archwinger Another way of putting it: people who want or need you will not risk driving you away with disrespect. The reason there is so much disrespectful behavior in prisons, schools, and marriages is because the disrespected party has no other options.

redpillbanana 2 weeks ago

@Archwinger Much like attraction, respect can't be negotiated; it is granted to you based on your identity and your actions. This is true of both men and women. The only time you should be discussing disrespect is when you think that the other person doesn't realize they are being disrespectful.

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

Women aren't stupid. If they disrespect you, they know what they're doing. They don't need to be told. If you ask them to stop, that is an admission of weakness. It shows that even in the face of bad behavior, you want to try to keep them, and that the only way you can get respect is by begging for it. Never ask. Just leave.

RPFerro 3 weeks ago

@Archwinger what's funny is that a man w/ even some masculinity can easily take advantage of such a situation- no one is left to render effective opposition. This dynamic creates a perfect storm in favor of shitlords

alpha-secretase 3 weeks ago

@Archwinger Think those same people would say, femininity does not exist either. We are just one big pile of homogeneous organic mush.

Archwinger 3 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil The war against masculinity is very insidious. The opponents don't just teach that masculinity = bad. They teach that masculinity doesn't even exist. It's all an act that scared little insecure men put on because they're afraid of being called gay. That we're all identical women inside, and fighting against it helps men.

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