Those who are familiar with our forum and subreddit but are still not thoroughly unplugged will often think us harsh when we dissect videos such as this one (1:21) in which a woman complains about how difficult it is for her to find a man (in fact, I'm going to sticky a comment to that nature once I finish this post). Their heart will go out to her, and her crocodile tears will work on them, because they're still plugged into the gynocentric Matrix and think that women are magical creatures of pure goodness who fart rainbows and shit diamonds.

They'll say things like, "Oh, that poor woman! She's having such a hard time! And she's attractive, so it can't be her! It has to be men's fault, somehow!" Those of you who have unplugged already know, of course, that if an attractive woman can't hang on to a man, she's the problem.

Well, this ditzy dame does herself a disservice in her quest for sympathy by providing at least part of the answer to her own question in an earlier video (0:09).

(Side note: speaking as a 5'11" midget, let me assure any of you younger, less-experienced dudes that most women won't know the difference. They're hilariously terrible at estimating length, height, distance, etc. If you have muscles and good posture and are sufficiently charming, they'll overestimate your height substantially. It's quite the source of laughs. /side note)

Of course she's filtering out tons of decent men based on something superficial!

And almost ALL of them do that. This is but one example of why we're so "harsh" on these wahmyns when they cry about "Where Are All The Good Men?"

(One last side/meta note: I found this series of videos through another Red Pill source, but I'm not naming it or linking to it because he didn't bother to censor her info.)