Last year I transformed from being absolutely anonymous on the internet to someone who just throws his pictures on dating apps, social media, etc (I've never in my life posted any pictures of myself on Instagram, had a profile picture of myself somewhere and so on).

So since I did this last year, I was able to meet a lot more girls online - they found me beautiful, but then I fucked it up when I spoke - I can't progress to the next step, and I think that's because I've never learned to do so - but after a year of trying nothing has worked, and I understand, meeting someone online can be a bit risky, girls don't know what to expect, etc, you can be nice online and kidnap her irl or something

Anyways, why I am asking is because I currently have like 3-4 girls, 2 of them make me horney as fuck, they are hot and freaky as hell, when I tell them that I would fuck them they play along, when I call one a dicksucker she responds with "oh" as in she wouldn't mind and so on. But the thing is it always stops here. I can't progress to getting out with them and actually getting them to suck my dick and me to fucking them

And that most likely is because I don't have a car to pick them up and a place for myself, and I won't pay a hotel to fuck a hoe, because they most likely are lol, they'll never accept me going to them with public transport or something I think

My question now is how can I get them to do the things that they tell me they would? How can I go out with them? Please give me some stuff that I could do that I oversaw

Btw I'm a virgin so I guess that isn't helping either