First time post, so go easy on me.

I totally get the RP narrative, and I think it has lots to offer. I can see that we have been brainwashed into a totally femocentric way of living. For example, it's totally normal and accepted now that women think that men should buy them dinner and drinks etc, but that women should also be paid the same as men. I should add to that that most men have been ghosted into a Stockholm syndrome situation where they also agree that men should provide dinner and drinks plus lifts etc. when they go out on a date.

The way I see it, modern life has to be about 100% equality. If women want equality (which they have) then the 'free rider' benefits of being female have to go as well. That's what equality means. It means we're not going to white knight for you, it's 50:50 on dates and also in relationships and forget about random strange men leaping to your aid if you get a flat tire. Equality. It's what you wanted.

But my question here is about hypocrisy- I have read so many posts here which are basically slut shaming. It seems standard to hear red pillers asking about game tactics, about how to get more sex. Which is fine. Most guys want to get as much sex as they can (I was the same when I was younger). But to then turn around and denounce women for being sluts because they have a high body count is complete hypocrisy.