Observations: Short hair cut above the shoulders, 1/4 black or something (not sure). Bubble butt, looks great. Long nails (which some how don't break?) I'm not gonna run from fear guys, I was on my last set and she was transitioning from squats to hip thrusts at the smith machine. Walked over and asked how she doesn't break her nails during lifts she's like

"because they're so long". I introduced myself and got her name, I shook her hand to which I said "see if I just grabbed differently I would've broken all of your nails". She's like "but they're super strong cause they're long"

me: Idk about that I got a pretty strong grip

her: well it's my superpower, gives me super strength

me: I totally understand, I got them too (couple more exchanges took place as I positioning myself to walk back to my machine)

Now I was thinking about nonchalantly saying "Now I don't have really long nails, but I still got that super strength" as a sexual innuendo. Should I have said that? Now she was smiling during this interaction, but I didn't really notice and IOI's. Should I have tried to kino to test the waters (like grab her hand and look at her fingers)?

Anyways, just like the last chick who was nice, this one was also nice. She had the headphones on but still spoke with me. I'm going to be more efficient per the advice in my previous thread, and ask her out next time I see her. Thoughts on all this, maybe an indirect approach? Despite the outcome, I'm glad I spoke with her. I'm sure lots of other guys wanted to, but I did. I'm making a conscious effort to embrace my masculinity and talk to these bitches. Thanks in advanced.