So I’m at working (a running event) doing my thing and I start joking with one of the volunteers there. I talk about how she’s quiet and she needs to get rid of her man for me. (All jokes, I know nothing about her) she’s like “what man?” And we just laugh. I get back on my purpose and she comes up to me. In my head I’m like “she might be into me let’s see” BAM! She hands me a piece of paper towel. I’m like what’s this, she goes “just put it in ur pocket…use it in the next 2 hours” after talking I tell her “wassup with the aggression?” “Give me a hug cuz your way too aggressive” she gives me a tight one and I was the one to break it off. Ok. My question is how do I frame this correctly? She is the aggressive girl type. But I def don’t want to be in her frame. Any books and articles I should read? SB: I’m higher SMV. I could clearly see her IOIs (looking at my lips, blushing, etc)

Edit: we text a bit, she even tried to set the date. Ofc I told her I’ll do it and get back to her about it. She’s DTF and stated honesty and clearly that I’m gonna be the guy that gives her what she “needs” to make her act right. Both parties happy this was an easy layup. Thanks for the input guys.