So I saw this newspaper article on the local tabloid (in language other than English). The "sexperts" on the article interviewed 100 women about why they don't want sex. Then based on it they are giving advice to men on what they can do. Basically a bluepill shitfest ensues. Offering some Redpill gold with a sample size of 100 women and two "sexperts". A man implementing the advice will leave her pussy more dry than the Sahara desert.

The top advice they gave:

  • Talk first, then kiss. Yeah, that's right, how dare you spergs think about sex.

Then they gave some generic BS reasons why you should talk with her before thinking about sex.

  • There is fighthing (read: working to turn the hubby into an obedient beta cuck)
  • She has other "worries" (She has hubby under control so he's not important)
  • She has stress (Sex with hubby is so bad and boring it doesn't relieve stress)
  • Feeling insecure (Got to make sure once more he is an obedient beta)
  • Children and family are more important so you're not priority anymore (She will never truly love you. Also she has the golden ticket to divorce rape you now and go ride the carousel if she wants to.)
  • You must talk about your feelings if you don't get sex (show her that you're weak)
  • Sometimes making the relationship open might help improve sex life (Yeah, she wants Bobs commitment while getting knocked up by Chad.)
  • Never make her feel quilty about lack of sex (yeah, she must always feel comfortable around Bob)
  • Maybe she just wants a place in someones armpit and petting on the head (You don't need to have sex)
  • Maybe you need to fuck only once per week (your needs don't matter)

So supposedly these advice will magically make her desire you again and want to have sex hopefully once in a month (or year).