I've always avoided girls with tattoos, and in my entire life (I'm 33 now), I've only dated two with them. The first was an impulsive wreck who hooked up with a friend of mine when we had a discussion. She stopped responding to my messages and three days later she suddenly texted back. I only found out because the guy told me.

A few years later I met my now ex-girlfriend. She had several visible tattoos, but I thought that they weren't a big deal. She was a pretty cute 19-year-old. The first couple of weeks were great. We would go on trips, she'd buy things for me and so on. In one of our trips I noticed how every guy was super nice to us. One time a guy blatantly started talking about sex. In more than one occasion, they would hit on her in front of me, something that never happened to me before. I now realize that guys see tattooed women as sex objects.

The problems only grew from there. One day, I was late to pick her up and she slapped me as I was driving. I tried to break up with her right there, but she would grab the steering wheel of my car. Looking back, I should have stopped and called the cops right there.

I know all girls are crazy, but I'm just grateful that women brand themselves with tattoos so it's easier to distinguish the craziest of the lot. It took me weeks to finally break up with her, as she kept coming to my home and my workplace. This is by far the craziest person I know, and when we started dating she appeared completely normal.