So I have been on a second date with this girl I asked to watch a movie at my place on the 2nd date..We were kissing, hugging grinding, I got too second base but we didn't have sex and she got LMR and said not tonight as I was about to lead her to the bedroom. We just continued what we were doing until she had left.

The next morning we had a discussion about it. She tells me that she likes me and that she says don't get me wrong I want sex too but she needs 'more time'. I told her that I do want the sex too and maybe we move at different pace to eachother and we should probably stop seeing eachother. She then tells me she does like me and all she is saying she needs 'more time'

How should I respond to this? Should I just end it and move on like iron rule of tomassi 3? How should I end it in this case? Do I just stand my ground and say, that I still need the sex so I don't think it will work out?