Afghanistan 2021. A horrible place indeed but why are our feminists so quiet on this? ? You would think that they would be demanding that we welcome Afghan women and other women from similar countries but they keep very quiet. Too quiet.

Now as well all know a lot of today's feminist back Labour. A party that opened the floodgates and allowed who knows how many people in the country. Since then crimes relating to sexual assault have gone up and yet again feminists remain quiet. Grooming gangs? What grooming gangs? Does not benefit women and young girls of course but no action. No demands for these men to be booted. Why not?

You would think that by having more men and less women would be damaging to feminists would you not? I mean how can women feel empowered against more men? Should women feel stronger if they where in the larger number? But what if this happens? We deport a number of men and instead replace them with some young women from lets say Afghanistan. These women become more westernised and start ditching their headwear and Burkas and start hanging around in local bars. A group of young feminists hanging out would be hoping that some of the local men would come up to them to validate them and form relationships with them. Next a group of the new arrivals turn up and every single guy in the bar looks over at the new group who are 'not bad looking without their Burkas' and the local feminists are back in school when all the good looking guys 'do not even know that we exist' Immigration not so cool now, huh?

I mean without these extra guys who can slide in the feminist's DMs with the usual 'hey, beautiful' message every day and making them feel like Queens. How would they like it if every guy they checked out on Facebook was also getting likes from girls from other seas and yet when checking out these girls you realise that they do not seem to have as many options?

Will the feminists actually have to compete for mates all of a sudden?

The thing is feminism can clearly not survive if women are fighting over men. When there is a male shortage it will not be long before the bickering and arguing starts. The poaching, the accusations and tears. How can feminists feel united when they have made so many enemies with women? Clearly feminists need more men around so that there is enough for everyone to prevent fall outs and dramas so all women can feel 'strong and independent' and men have to work for their attention. They would not like it if it was the other way around!

Yet how can you call yourself a feminist when you do not encourage the refuge of women into the UK from harsh countries and yet have no problem with men coming in from those same places and putting women at risk?

They are not feminists, they are left wingers. The left needs feminism for the votes and the feminists need the left for the extra men just so they get more matches on Tinder.

Fancy proving me wrong? Go ahead! ?