For a long time I struggled to get dates, was super depressed, and overwhelmed with the sinking feeling I'd never find love. I was so desperate that the first piece of ass I got, I would hyper focus on what to do or say, not wanting to be alone again. I started lifting and putting time and energy into meeting girls. Dating apps, day gay approach, and night game as well.

I'm not drowning in pussy by any means, but even just seeing one girl a week has done wonders for my mental health and frame. You realize that all girls are kind of the same, even the hot ones, and obsessing over them is stupid and unhealthy. And when you realize you can get girls relatively easy, you feel kind of like a pimp and that frame grows to other parts of your life. You start dressing better, caring about work and the more important things in life.

But the key is having OPTIONS. Even if they are not great options, aka not great women, just having them there makes you feel much better. I'm still looking for a good LTR with a wonderful girl, but in the mean time I'm gonna get some ass on the way there. A complete 180 from the beginning of the summer where I was super desperate for a low quality girl to text me back.