Hello, I'm new to TRP, started by reading the handbook,

About myself:

I'm a young (early 20's) software engineer, I live in Middle East, am an Introvert and communicating to people (not only women) IRL is pretty hard for me.

I have a pretty good income, I make 20 times more than a bank employee, I'm not overweight, but I'm not fit either, I have a small belly which I'm working on it.

At this point I'm pretty sure I'm a Beta (Alpha wanna be).

Here is some background to the scenario:

I knew this girl from University, she was my classmate 5 years ago, I was the only male in the class with 8 females. I didn't had much interaction with my classmates back then (I still don't) but I had done some deeds for her in the past.

2 weeks ago, I replied to one of her story, asking her where did she bought her coat and the conversation started (This part I guess gonna be boring):+ "Can I ask when you bought your coat?"

  • "Hello, I haven't bought it recently ?❤️"

  • "I want to buy a present for one of my friends, I don't know what to do, and I believe you have an amazing taste"

  • "Thanks Love ❤️" (I reacted to this message with ?)

"Have you seen these IG pages?"


In general, at this point I directly asked her if she helps me, and she said We can't meet IRL to buy smth cause of Corona situation

She didn't replied for 2 days, I messaged her again, thanking her for her help, She replied, apologized, said she forgot, and said congrats,

I tried to play and continue the conversation, told her It's not me that you should say congrats to, and I have some questions,

She again replied "Congrats, Anyway, go ahead and ask".

I asked "What would you say If I tell you I like you?"

She replied with something like "WTF ?"

I've seen her message, waited for a day, and then replied to her "You just made me lose $100"

(I had a scenario which in that I would tell her that I had a bet with my friend that I can't hit on you easily and you won't respond to my "I like you" message, but you did)

She didn't ask what $100, but she got super mad, like very mad, Sent me a pretty long message (5 freaking paragraphs), Telling that she only responded to me cause I was her classmate, and asked why when I am a friend of your ex girlfriend, you dare to send me such messages (me and my ex broke up 1 year ago, no contact in the last 2 months), Then she blocked me without giving me a chance to reply

The conversation took about 2 weeks, cause she only replied one message per day, so did I.

I thought it's going good (maybe it was), cause I was getting replies from her, Which part did I go wrong that made her block me after she put all that effort to write that long message?

I'm not mad, or sad, I mostly feel curious to see why this happened this way? what can happen next? Do I still have a chance?