I came up with an idea while reading Freud.

I call it subconscious seduction!

Wtf you talking about?

I'll give you exsamples, Then explain...

Situation #1: (I actually did this)

We were at a small cozy dinner grabbing something to eat. Girl is sitting down, I'm standing up getting my things.

(We were getting ready to leave)

I walk over while were talking and put my crotch just near her face while were talking.

I distract her by asking a question, acting like im doing nothing wrong. I keep the convo casual and tone normal.

While shes talking she starts twiling her hair and her head tilts, we're talking in this position for like min.

I dont look away either, I look down at her in her eyes while shes talking. Carrying a slight smile.

Then I say "alright, get up, lets go."

She was horny af after that.

Explanation of situation #1:

I subconsciously put the idea of her giving me a bj in her head.

Thus stimulating her hind brain.

However I asked her an interesting question that distracts her frontal lobe part of her brain from trying to control her hind brain.

I let the hind brain get horny to the point it starts to take control of the girl. "She cant help herself".

Bam, now you seduced a chick with sub consience seduction.

I have other scenarios. I'd post this on TRP reddit think its a brilliant idea. But I have no account.

I can make a post then can someone post it for me? And say credit to @Fawk_Face with it linking to my TRP.red account?