Women and COVID

I've seen a few posts hit TRP in the last few months that theorise that the virus is going to change the dynamics between men and women and that you'll have to adapt to a new framework to get women to respond to you due to social distancing and fear of the virus.

Well, I have good news for everyone. This is wrong, and heres why.

Younger Women (20-28)

At this stage of the pandemic it's become clear to me that younger women are responding in the same way, if not more favourably to attention and demonstrations of value. If blue pilled men were shy about approaching women and making themselves known before the virus, this has only been exacerbated ten fold due to social distancing. Social distancing is the new excuse men are using not to approach women. Hell, at the start I was guilty of this. I let a few cute women slip by because I didn't want to break the new norm. As the weeks went on I grew frustrated because I saw it as an excuse that worked in favour of approach anxiety, so eventually I thought 'Fuck this!' and started talking to the women I came across, and wouldn't you know it, they invited me into their 'two meter bubble' with all the excitement and vigour of a long lost friend. They wanted me to come closer.

Gentlemen, let me quickly say that social distancing is of course something we should be paying attention to, but if like me, you realise you're using it as an excuse, nip that shit in the bud and reap the harvest because the crops are ripe. With lockdown easing in the UK and social venues opening back up, the window of opportunity for approaching attention starved women is closing fairly quickly. Use the lessons you've picked up from the sidebar and keep applying yourself. The doomers are wrong, the virus hasn't up ended the social game and the same rules do apply.

The caveat to this is of course already knowing how to approach women and get their interest. If you meekly engage a woman from two metres away then you'll keep the virus at the forefront of her mind.

For example, I approached a girl, early twenties, solid 7. I didn't close the social distance gap completely, but I was close enough to her that she wouldn't have been thinking about the two meter rule, but not close enough to alarm her. We spoke, I gave her some cheeky back and forth. I even clocked the ring on her finger. She told me how her husband had killed her rabbit by accident, this gave me plenty of material to work with. She found me funny, she came closer, bam, kino. The virus was at no point an issue.

This isn't even an isolated case. This first encounter sparked my interest so I started to experiment with which women would still engage.

Older Women (28+)

Heres the sticking point. Older women seem to hold the virus at the forefront of their minds at all times. I don't know why at this point but this is my observation. I had a pretty much guaranteed lay from an older woman lined up, then the virus happened before I could work out logistics. Now this woman will talk a big game, constantly flirting and coming onto me. Even now. Only, when it comes to closing, she'll always mention the virus. God damn. Now, I could of course be blind to simple mistakes I'm making that mean I'm not high enough value etc. but I know for a fact that her regular bit on the side isn't getting it from her either. She's frozen herself off until the social distancing ends.

Again, this isn't an isolated case. On approaching older women I've noticed they'll step back, bring up the virus and maintain the social distance. I'd be alarmed at my abilities to talk to women at this point if I wasn't receiving such a positive response from the younger women, so this has left me rather stumped. Perhaps they buy into news media narratives at a certain age, or have other concerns like if they. get infected they can't afford time off work? I'd appreciate some perspective on this from other guys in case this is just me.

But who really wants the older birds anyway?


So, in conclusion, anyone that is trying to peddle you a post-virus change in social dynamics is only telling an untested half truth. Women still respond in exactly the same way to someone that excites them, and at this point they haven't had that as much. Anyone who uses the virus as an excuse as to why they aren't getting women isn't applying themselves correctly. You can still get laid! Perhaps it could be argued that you have one new dynamic to work around, but it is possible to work around it by making them forget all about the big bad virus and keep their attention firmly on what an exciting and interesting man that has just stepped into their two meter ecosystem.