Winning By Way Of Analogy

It isn't good enough to just make an appearance. You have to make the effort for your appearance to be memorable, impactful and insightful. No one in the history of tribes or civilisation has ever shown up once and become lord-king. Status is bought through an exchange of influence and favours, which in turn leads to respect and placement within the hierarchy of life.

Who de we immediately prefer for our company; the host of a party or the fool who criticises the music choice at the party? Do we turn to the fool and ask them what music would they prefer, or do we ridicule them for their disrespect and mock them because they don't have the influence to make their own party?

When we view the hierarchy of masculinity as a tower, which along the outside has steps winding it's way to the top, we see at the bottom individuals who are:

  • Too afraid to make the ascent

  • Unaware of their ability to climb the tower

  • Have been kept down by others

  • Want to topple the tower to a level field

At the top we know are the most successful, the hosts and the doers and the charmers. The bottom is plagued with feminists, white knights, predators, betas, losers. These people know their worth, or lack thereof and lash out at the ones climbing the tower with their spite and criticisms and call it 'justice'. Their losing mindset is so deeply installed into their being that they cannot even comprehend winning as a positive action that they could take for themselves today.

And so it is within and without every culture or group we take part in. In every group you integrate with, you start at zero. Always remember you start at the bottom of the tower and it is through your efforts alone that you will begin to climb the new hierarchy. Soldiers don't scrub the floors to be humiliated, frat houses don't haze for a laugh, they do it to separate the useless from the useful, to instil the respect for the men that came before them because they did it as well and now they are winning.

Women, betas, losers. These are the people who will target a strong and proven hierarchy. They would rather pick it apart and pretend they are being noble or righteous than prove they have what it takes to be a part of the group.

Are you that person? Are you the infantile teenager who throws their mouth because 'fuck them!'?

Or are you a man who sees the value in a hierarchy system, can contain their frustration at set backs and will remain patient in their mistakes until they have the approving nod of the group? Are you the man that is prepared to win?

The greatest lesson and discipline a man can learn is when to hold his tongue. Words can be cheap when used without temperance, the speakers words become transparent and forgettable. Know when your words will be valued and when they will be discarded and your opinion and knowledge will carry more weight with your group.