Note: I was instructed by the moderators of this sub to revise my original statement for quality purposes.

In my and some other's opinions the quality of the written content on this sub has begun to dwindle. From what I've read as of late, there is too much blaming and not enough ownership.

From my perspective, I believe this sub was for the purpose of creating success for ourselves and other men within this community. Not for regularly citing complaints against the females who we decide have wronged us in some way, shape, or form.

I've noticed that some of us have impulsively taken trivial slights they have experienced personally and regurgitated them into the discussions we have here. From all the reading i've done, it seems that many of you are so fixated on having the upperhand that it defeats the purpose of everything we have learned thus far. In other words, YOUR EGO'S ARE GETTING IN THE WAY of your own progress.

When you complain about how the women you interact with in life are not giving you the attention and validation you feel entitled to, you are neglecting the entire point of what taking the red pill means. At this point you have already lost your frame, as you have become a frequent victim to opinions/outcomes you have no control over, and should not care about in the least. Not to mention that these women who are not living up to your expectations can sense this about you instantly.

It is imperative for you all to understand that this whole mating dance/sexual conquest concept is a numbers game with applied theory and strategy. (There are exceptions and this may or may not apply to them). We are making bets based on observable behavior and the outcomes we are aiming for are subject to every single variable no matter the situation.

In Reality, there's no code to crack that's going to make everything you want happen.

There is no free pass because you punched the numbers in the right combination.

You are not special. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, and no one owes you praise or acknowledgement at any point.

The opposite sex operates entirely in a manner where you matter or don't matter for a million different reasons which fluctuate constantly. On top of this, every woman has their own incentives driven by numerous and diverse forces which you have no place in.

So if all of these statements bother you, then how did you get this far? You can write your little reports on the state of the world and how women are decadent, solipsistic figures of a decaying culture all you want-but its not going to change how they interact with you. This isn't a war for the minds of the female race, we're not conquering nations of women and brainwashing them so we won't have to deal with the problems they cause anymore. We are operating with realistic information that is supposed to help us better our personal lives and get us the things we want.

I think all of us, myself included and especially , need to focus on what we do as individuals and how we choose to react to the things or people that do not serve us. Most importantly, accept that we are external nothings in someone else's point of view the majority of the time, and our place will always be contested in one form or another. If we embrace this, we can become free of all the shit that deters us from our manhood.

TLDR We shouldn't expect ourselves to matter to everyone. Thinking this goes against everything we learned and doesn't make us look cool or get mad puss.