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- Hide Preview | 144 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by urmombaconsmynarwhal [Post Locked]

Just something to think about when you are contemplating the logic of those dirty libs and SJWs.

[-] w210k 149 Points 10 months ago

Liberals' logic is strictly confirmation bias.

[-] osr 38 Points 10 months ago

Seriously. The whole "Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter!!!!!!" incident is quite literally confirmation bias in action. Watch Donald's hand motions, there's no indication that he's mocking a disability. But when someone finds out that the reporter he was talking about has a disorder, game on. It's so fucking annoying.

[-] w210k 18 Points 10 months ago

Plus he did the same imitation for a non-retarded guy after that.

[-] yuval1 26 Points 10 months ago

No, he did it for Ted Cruz.

[-] OrganicVandal 9 Points 10 months ago


[-] crw996 6 Points 10 months ago

So he did it to 2 people with disabilities - see Trump treats everyone the same!

[-] yuval1 1 Point 10 months ago

No, he did it for Ted Cruz.

[-] Pup_Lucky 13 Points 10 months ago

I've seen this shit twice in the last two days, just going down to make breakfast where family is watching the news. It only takes me ten minutes to make eggs, and still that's the running story - like it was 3 months ago. None of them are in favor of voting - for $hillary or Trump - this election. But still now I understand how you look at MSM when you're not dependent on it. Their programming and bias has ruined my family's capability for independent, critical thought.

I wish them nothing but their stock being devalued slowly so that every person responsible is eventually in search of a job they'll never find.

[-] Stacia_Asuna 3 Points 10 months ago

Also: "FUCKING REE-TARDS" -Crooked Hillary

[-] si_sports 1 Point 10 months ago

Why is it okay for a disabled reporter to attach trump but not okay for trump to attack him? Disabled people are off limits to jokes? If so, they should shut the fuck up then. Do throw shit, if you are not ready to hit with some shit.

[-] HeyFantastic 1 Point 10 months ago

Unless you're talking about a similar incident I am unfamiliar with, the reporter never "attacked" Trump.

Trump's impersonation was not a retaliation for anything that he said about him. The 2001 article that was being discussed has no mention of Trump.

[-] si_sports 1 Point 10 months ago

It's a different reporter. He wrote a complete hit piece on trump that was all bs.

[-] HeyFantastic 1 Point 10 months ago

Huh, interesting. My mistake!

[-] horoblast 22 Points 10 months ago


[-] TaepodongToiletNuker 14 Points 10 months ago

A bunch of loosely, fantastically, and/or magically connected syllogisms.

[-] yuval1 5 Points 10 months ago


That's pretty fucking generous of you

[-] rolfraikou 3 Points 10 months ago

Liberal chiming in: I celebrated, and every liberal friend I talked to counted it as a victory.

[-] Alpha-as-fuck 1 Point 10 months ago

There is no logic, its all just about their feels.

[-] theod4re -2 Point 10 months ago

All due respect, this post is example of this sub's confirmation bias. I'm glad that kid was caught. I disagree with Trump on just about everything but I don't wish him dead and I don't know anyone who does either. And anyone who does is not a true liberal. Violence has no place in the politics of a reasoned and civilized society, which - all evidence to the contrary - I still believe the US is.

[-] CantContheDon 2 Points 10 months ago

Violence has no place in the politics of a reasoned and civilized society, which - all evidence to the contrary - I still believe the US is.

lol, did you get out of a time machine from 1994?

Wakey wakey! Time to wake up!

[-] VanGoghingSomewhere 2 Points 10 months ago

I got out of a vagina machine in 1994.

22 years young and trump training til the day I die

[-] TrumpTrain-bot 2 Points 10 months ago



That's 3.9541220444% of the speed of light (670,616,630 MPH)! Only 644099630 MPH left to go!

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[-] theod4re 1 Point 10 months ago

Are you saying you believe violence is an answer to our political problems? Does that mean you're upset with a liberal trying to take out Trump but a conservative trying to take out Clinton is okay?

[-] FeddyCaeks 1 Point 10 months ago

I think he's implying leftists have made sure that your assertion about the US being a reasoned and civilized society is false. See BLM. Violence is the ONLY thing they understand. And they were created by leftism's PC stranglehold on this nation.

[-] theod4re 2 Points 10 months ago

I have no problem agreeing that we're too PC - some colleges seem to be a place where freedom of thought goes to die - but I think if you're going to argue the US has become ungovernable and lost all reason and civility, there's plenty of blame to go around on both ends of the partisan spectrum.

[-] OrganicVandal 127 Points 10 months ago

In the Oath of Allegiance when it mentions enemies foreign and domestic - these are the domestic ones.

[-] STARVE_THE_BEAST 31 Points 10 months ago

Anita Sarkeesian's psychopomp Jonathan McIntosh, who received hundreds of thousands of earmarked diversity cash from Intel, is a great example of this phenomenon:

[-] Kamagamaga 12 Points 10 months ago

The hilarious thing was he also posted about Christopher Hitchen's death saying that the world was better off without him. He is a walking example of virtue signalling.

[-] redekker 6 Points 10 months ago

I'd give a testicle to have Christopher Hitches back for a week, so he could have a field day commenting on current world affairs.

[-] ThomasPaine4Trump 1 Point 10 months ago

You and me both. I've been listening to Arguably Essays on Audible on day at work.

[-] rantrantrantt 1 Point 10 months ago

It's lame because CH's mission is exposing bigotry while Jonathan is doing the hard right puritans' work for them of covering it up. CH are even friends with a hardcore European Feminist group that actually goes against ALL religious sexism. Yes, even THAT religion.

A lot of SJW need to wake up and realize that by censoring things, they are only making those problems invisible. They are not solving any issues. They are likely making them worse.

[-] Gafontino 19 Points 10 months ago

Fuckin A

EDIT: It's unreal how many people waste their time downvoting in here because they hate everything Trump and everything his supporters say. People that seriously think KILLING someone like the Donald is a righteous thing? I fucking dare you to try ACTUALLY making that argument.

[-] Galactic_Elite 12 Points 10 months ago


Rome knew this a long time ago. Cicero said:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."

[-] echoesatdawn 6 Points 10 months ago

BASED CICERO Stumping liberals for over 2000 years from the grave

[-] FeddyCaeks 5 Points 10 months ago

It's friggin crazy how there are people who are remembered for literally thousands of years after their deaths. No matter how famous you are, you'll probably never become an Alexander, or a Caesar or a Cicero.

[-] utu_ 3 Points 10 months ago

the guy who makes America great again might.

[-] Cbird54 88 Points 10 months ago

Yes and they're also the same people that say guns never solve anything and there's no reason to own a gun.

[-] fishdaddyflex 14 Points 10 months ago

When guns killed the organizer of the worst terrorist attack on US soil. Gun solved the problem of Osama being alive pretty well.

[-] KinOfMany 2 Points 10 months ago

And they're usually the ones who do these shootings and assassinations.

Fun fact: Omar Mateen was going to vote for Hillary.

[-] Babu_Honey_Bandger 61 Points 10 months ago

Here is another Liberal Logic:

  • White Europeans are evil, when they conquored the Middle east and Africa, they made borders that forced different tribes, sects of reigious groups to live together which caused violence that still causing violence today.

  • Lets brings millions of refugees that hate the western culture into Europe and America, surely they will assimilate.

Liberals, they are so silly....

[-] si_sports 12 Points 10 months ago

White Europeans are evil, when they conquored the Middle east and Africa, they made borders that forced different tribes, sects of reigious groups to live together which caused violence that still causing violence today."

I hear that statement all the time. Why doesn't that mean we should not do the same thing to our country? I guess not.

[-] AustinKayar 13 Points 10 months ago

Islam invaded the middle east and Europe, people need to remember that. They caused an insane amount of suffering. Our history books leave this out though, because only Hitler and a few other white people were evil throughout history. Also, we might as well just forget the Armenian genocide while we are at it. Sure if it were Europeans who did it we would hear about it non stop, but it was Islam that did it. Nothing to see here. This is a really good video if you want to understand the violence of Islam.

[-] FeddyCaeks 6 Points 10 months ago

I don't remember being taught anything in school about the Crusades. Probably because if they actually put that in a textbook, they'd show that it was Islam that was the trigger for them, not Christianity. Fortunately I'm a history buff and read history books/articles etc. for fun. #IMMUNETOTHEINDOCTRINATION

[-] slickrick0133 1 Point 10 months ago


[-] ODBC 2 Points 10 months ago

Even the word "slave" comes from the Muslim taking of Slovak peoples by the Ottoman Empire. And they took way more African slaves as well, and they castrated them.

[-] AustinKayar 2 Points 10 months ago

Also only took those who would be able to work, leaving the children and old/fragile who couldn't provide to starve to death. This shit is so fucked, their history has to be the literal worst of all humanity. But white people ended slavery, so fuck us right?

[-] ODBC 1 Point 10 months ago

I am 100% in agreement with you there. The Brits risked their Naval fleet to stop the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and they're afraid of being called racist nowadays.

The Islamic world is singular in its barbarism. And the Crusades were defensive! The supposed "golden age" ended because some cleric decided to end all progress, right?

[-] 0fficerNasty 28 Points 10 months ago

Liberals have always been this demented, it's just that they've wore down the moral fiber of the country so much that they can get away with it now.

[-] AustinKayar 3 Points 10 months ago

They don't care about brown people either. We could've stopped the spread of Zika and many other terrible diseases if they weren't so afraid of DDT. They don't have to worry about these things, because us white people used it long enough to eliminate the dangerous breed of mosquito. Others were not so lucky, and millions have died and suffered as a result of fear mongering and liberalism. Here is a good video on the matter, with objective facts and good reason/logic.

[-] terrorismofthemind 21 Points 10 months ago

I was actually one of the people that wasn't okay with the celebrating. It felt dirty. Tbh the war on terror was a complete failure. Killing Osama doesn't change that.

Not to mention it felt like we must have known he was there. And the official story changed about six times in three days. Unsatisfying. Not like getting Saddam. Didn't even get him alive.

[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 11 Points 10 months ago

I disagree but unlike cucks on /r/news, I will still upvote you because you provided an articulate response that expressed your opinion with level-headiness and logic.

[-] Critical_Lit 5 Points 10 months ago

Which is fine if you're consistent in your position. I knew plenty of people though who were practically mourning for Bin Laden and posting that fake MLK quote and then later on were celebrating the deaths of people they didn't like because of their politics.

[-] sweetcaviar 4 Points 10 months ago

You mean because he was dead since 2001, right?

[-] terrorismofthemind 2 Points 10 months ago

That too.

[-] wiiztec 2 Points 10 months ago

Yeah he died of kidney failure

[-] FricasseeingRabbit 2 Points 10 months ago

That whole thing was so fishy.

Wasn't the official story that they dumped his body in the ocean for no reason whatsoever?

[-] goonsack 2 Points 10 months ago

It was an Islamic burial... at sea.

Maybe they didn't want to commit his remains to an earthly location for concerns about it being desecrated.

Not that I believe the whole Bin Laden story. It seems pretty fishy to me as well. Bin Laden denied responsibility for 9/11 and his FBI Most Wanted entry says nothing about the 9/11 attacks (PENTTBOM). There was not enough evidence to tie him to it. The primary thing tying OBL to 9/11 was a video that surfaced in 2004 that didn't even look like Bin Laden. Chances are, OBL was already dead by the time Obama "killed" him. The timing of it was pretty suspicious too (just in time for election 2012 news cycle).

[-] bestbiff 2 Points 10 months ago

I considered it a time for reflection and perspective on our modern war on Islamic terrorism, but obviously welcomed the news. News outlets showed college kids celebrating and partying because it coincided with spring break. They were around 8 when 9/11 happened.

[-] ronburgundi 2 Points 10 months ago

While I was happy that Bin Laden was gone, looking back on it now i'm not sure if I believe he's actually dead. I think he probably died long before that, and we took out another guy and said it was Bin Laden.

[-] sweetcaviar 17 Points 10 months ago

And they were perfectly happy to accept that the "photos" of the dead body would never be released for fear of "retaliation" and that the body would be immediately dumped to the bottom of the ocean never to be seen again.

Fucking common core retards.

[-] goonsack 8 Points 10 months ago

Pics or GTFO, Obama

[-] sweetcaviar 3 Points 10 months ago

Honestly I'd hope for the latter.

[-] mithhunter55 2 Points 10 months ago

Probably shaved him and put him up in a nice seclusive island home.

[-] sweetcaviar 3 Points 10 months ago

He died in late 2001 of liver disease.

[-] BelgianGringo 12 Points 10 months ago

Lefties are a bunch of sociopaths that pretend to be good and righteous people, this shouldn't be surprise.

[-] Critical_Lit 7 Points 10 months ago

A while ago some were bandying about a study that showed conservative people were more prone to be psychotic.

Turns out it had to be retracted because the results were the opposite.

Specifically, in the original manuscript, the descriptive analyses report that those higher in Eysenck’s psychoticism are more conservative, but they are actually more liberal; and where the original manuscript reports those higher in neuroticism and social desirability are more liberal, they are, in fact, more conservative.


[-] riskytacos 1 Point 10 months ago


[-] fidders 10 Points 10 months ago

Its called indoctrination by the media which conveniently is owned by foreign countries.

This is an intentional result and probably why Putin had certain journalists killed when he came to power.

[-] baphometsayshi 10 Points 10 months ago

liberals don't have any real beliefs except whatever makes them feel morally superior to other people

[-] John-Paul-Jones 6 Points 10 months ago

I remember I went to some liberal university, the day after Bin Laden died, I went to campus with a big fucking smile on my face - as a veteran, nothing pleased me more than getting that goat-fucker. Of course you could tell either the school didn't give a shit or there was a sullen look on their faces, I told some exchange student from Sweden that it was a good day in America and he asked why, and I told him that we finally killed Bin Laden. He lamented about how we just "killed an old man" and what was he going to do to us and that he didn't understand why we exhibit so much patriotism. I wanted to bash his head in in the ground for that insult. Instead I got in his face and told him in no uncertain terms that he didn't understand how Americans thought and he best learn that if he was to stay here. We're more than what the Europeans think and we should never change for them.

I actually considered him a friend but since that day I never spoke to him. Thankfully, he left the country a month later to go back to Sweden.

[-] HeavenPiercingMan 2 Points 10 months ago

I had to deal with the typical "bawwww i dun beleeev anything usa says" conspiracy theory liberal crap. In my country it has become socially acceptable to believe any conspiracy theory about the US as long as it's coated in liberal crap. Saying shit like "9/11 was an inside job" and "the moon landing was fake" gets you Le Smart Points with the libtard crowd here.

Hell we got a huge earthquake and people LITERALLY SERIOUSLY BELIEVED that it was "a weaponized directed energy quake attack by HAARP, Obama wants to destroy us!"

[-] John-Paul-Jones 1 Point 10 months ago


[-] HeavenPiercingMan 2 Points 10 months ago

No, Chile. Which makes it more cringeworthy. These libtards seem to think we're still in the Cold War, and are stuck on 1973 Pinochet Coup "us vs them" mentality.

Edit: even worse, they weren't born until AFTER the regime ended!!!

[-] Snoozebum 6 Points 10 months ago

They think anything that contradicts their lunacy is just made up by right wingers.

[-] yuval1 3 Points 10 months ago

and deserves to be punished with violence

[-] Propaganda4Lunch 6 Points 10 months ago

Too bad Trump isn't a Muslim, they'd be falling all over themselves to defend him.

[-] 15nelsoc 4 Points 10 months ago

They'd be calling him a traitor to other Muslims for being conservative and saying he just doesn't know what's best for him. The left calls almost every black conservative "Uncle Toms" and ridicules them

[-] Propaganda4Lunch 4 Points 10 months ago

Which is hilarious since Muslims are the most socially conservative people you'll ever meet.

[-] 15nelsoc 4 Points 10 months ago

They vote overwhelming liberal though; I guess because they know the liberals won't call them out on their bullshit out of fear of being seen as intolerant

[-] Venkerman 3 Points 10 months ago

Which is so racist to me. You don't believe like I do, so you are not a real black!!!!

[-] KaleStrider 2 Points 10 months ago

They'd be calling him a traitor

This word is not in their vocabulary; they believe that everyone is one faction and we're all just misguided children that have to be herded like sheep.

[-] BigusoBossu 4 Points 10 months ago

This is the messed up thinking that relativism gets you. You can't have objective morality without religion because it is a fantasy that all people will agree on a common set of principles. What you're left with is an ever shifting sea of bad ideas.

[-] IcySpykes 3 Points 10 months ago

It's a shame that apparently people can't be moral without the threat of eternal suffering.

[-] BigusoBossu 0 Points 10 months ago

You can't say that anyone is moral without God. You can only say that they agree with your convictions. Plenty of people believe they're acting morally when you'd say they're doing evil.

[-] cariboo_j 2 Points 10 months ago

Can't agree with that. Religions come and go. First it was animism, then it was polytheism, now we have some polytheists and some monotheists. Even sects within the same religion can't agree.

Unless you have some objective way of proving which is the "one true religion" (good luck with that) we are still faced with the same problem.

[-] sun_wolf 1 Point 10 months ago

There is no objective way. But the alternative is moral chaos. And moral chaos will eventually submit to the strongest force for order.

Right now that force for order is Islam, and it's quickly taking over the West, both in terms of demographics and culture. Islam is setting the narrative.

Prior to Islam as our ordering principle, we in the West had evolved a remarkably peaceful and effective society built on Judeo-Christian morality, Anglo-Saxon law, and Greco-Roman philosophy.

But then the left decided to tear all that down and replace it with their own unholy combination of Marxist relativism, Soviet socialism, and Islamic repression.

[-] BigusoBossu 0 Points 10 months ago

You have to seek it out for yourself over time. You can move towards God or away, but standing still in the face of a difficult question is arguably the worst option.

[-] RS19 3 Points 10 months ago

This was literally what Muslims did, and said.

"God bless Bin Laden for what he did to America" - retarded Muslim

When Americans killed Bin Laden

"Bin Laden never existed he was dead all along" - retarded Muslim

[-] Viraus2 3 Points 10 months ago

Hah, remember when Thatcher died? Liberals were absolutely delighting in it.

[-] goonsack 3 Points 10 months ago

I remember it well. Ding dong the witch is dead, that sort of thing.

[-] SubtleMockery 3 Points 10 months ago

Those exact same people?

[-] SuperSMT 3 Points 10 months ago

[-] SkeevyPete 2 Points 10 months ago


[-] vodkagrey 2 Points 10 months ago

obama celebrating the death of Scalia (at 0:33)

[-] mithhunter55 2 Points 10 months ago

33 its the magic number

[-] m6hurricane 2 Points 10 months ago

What is SJW an acronym for?

[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 3 Points 10 months ago

Social justice warrior. The people who become offended on behalf of groups they don't represent, when the group wasn't offended to begin with.

This is a prime example:

[-] Newborn666 2 Points 10 months ago

The Don is more dangerous don't you understand? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

[-] ThomasPaine4Trump 2 Points 10 months ago

I remember it well. I got the news, cried a whole lot, then went out to my main drag with about 600 other people and raised every flag on the street while chanting USA. It was an incredible experience.

[-] mk81 2 Points 10 months ago

It's almost as if they're full of shit!

[-] lavenderlane 2 Points 10 months ago

You got too left and you are a god damn communist, don't call them liberal, they don't stand with liberty and freedom, they are violent extremist, this shit needs to stop, take this once great country back from the brain dead far left and cucks, make yourself proud to be an individual, proud to be yourself, make America great again

[-] 3goist 2 Points 10 months ago

They also said "Ding dong the witch is dead" when Margaret Thatcher died - some feminists.

[-] TankerD18 2 Points 10 months ago

I still find it disgusting that Obama sat there and took credit for that shit like he was the one that rushed in the room and shot that piece of shit.

[-] heliumspoon 1 Point 10 months ago

This is the most straw man statment I have ever read on the internet.

[-] pm_me_your_cum_video 1 Point 10 months ago

Libfag here. There's no way I would want someone to assassinate Trump. He's the perfect candidate to run against Hillary.

[-] ohpee8 1 Point 10 months ago

I can't stand the whole "these same people who did this are now doing this" from either political side. It makes absolutely no sense unless you have actual proof.

[-] guacbandit 1 Point 10 months ago

To be fair, a rogue Presidential candidate can do more damage to the United States than Bin Laden ever could. People have been saying it about Obama and calling for his impeachment or worse for years now.

[-] KaleStrider 1 Point 10 months ago

Oh geez. I'm going to get downvoted into fucking oblivion for this. Oh geez.

I... Said that... Back then. About Bin Fuckface (not Donald; fuck that commie bitch who tried to kill him)

Sorry guys. I was a college student going to "philosophy" class which felt more like an indoctrination of stupidity. Every student there had the shittiest arguments I ever heard; to the point where I refused to argue with them... Even though I didn't realize that I believed half the dumbest shit I've ever known. Cough socialism totes works mah'n cough cough.

Just want everyone to know- I'm no longer a piece of shit college student hipster wanna-be. I work full time on a job that busts my ass hanging drywall, priming, and painting it. Hanging drywall and paying for my own shit taught me way more than 2 years at community college ever did. Like, for example, I'm not fucking worth $15 an hour physical labor; that would bankrupt the company in no time at all.

EDIT: Oh shit, forgot to mention. I denounce Bernie Panders. Venezuela is true socialism.

[-] karmawhore111 1 Point 10 months ago

Great point

[-] si_sports 1 Point 10 months ago

Do as I say, not as I do- Libtards

[-] AliceInMindPalace 1 Point 10 months ago

Liberal IQ < 80 < 120 < Trump supporters' IQ

[-] TheUltimateQuaker 0 Points 10 months ago

Liberal <<<<<< Gold Fish

Edit: I see some SJWs/libtards are angry for the truth being pointed out!

[-] OrphanStrangler 1 Point 10 months ago

I'm all over Twitter and i never saw anyone complain about people celebrating bin laden's death

[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 1 Point 10 months ago

I was ecstatic and many other friends of mine were as well. When people were posting statuses on FB there were plenty saying 'celebrating a loss of life is evil' etc

[-] CaptainKittycat 1 Point 10 months ago

I thought May 1 was always Bin laden is dead day?

[-] SEKLEM 1 Point 10 months ago

TIL OP thinks about death a lot while in the shower.

[-] LogicChick 1 Point 10 months ago

I've seen a huge increase in normal, politically apathetic people I know who are willing to say they would like to see POLITICIAN A or POLITICIAN B killed. Starting with Obama's first run. It may have been happening before but I wasn't seeing/hearing/reading it much prior to that except for fringe websites. Now it's practically dinner convo.

I do blame media or this, without a doubt. Fear is what it's all about.

[-] wiiztec 1 Point 10 months ago

They're the same people?

[-] blue_muffin 1 Point 10 months ago

I remember when these SJW is whining because the footage several Iranian soldiers torturing ISIS member, they said that's is inhumane. I disagree with several iran's policy, but slaughtering ISIS obviously not something I would disagree with.

[-] Leftovertaters 1 Point 10 months ago

Exactly which liberals were mad about the killing of bin laden? I remember that an overwhelmingly majority of people were pretty happy with the outcome of his death. I'm sure there were a handful of hippies who were upset about it but still.. An overwhelmingly majority of liberals condoned the killing. And yes there are those idiot liberals that wish that messed up kid killed Trump. I would never condone anyone killing another for what they say because that would undermine everything that America stands for.

That being said, this is a sad attempt at making liberals seem hypocritical.

[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 1 Point 10 months ago

just the first three that I see after doing a 10 second search on a five year old subject. and I had countless people on FB posting on my statuses and others back then how it was wrong, evil, so on and so forth to celebrate it

[-] Leftovertaters 1 Point 10 months ago

I appreciate the evidence. Fucking stupid that he was actually defended by guy people. btw also every article from that salon website is cancer.. That site is fucking garbage

[-] want_to_trump 1 Point 10 months ago

It's almost like liberalism is an inconsistent set of beliefs that slowly drive their believers insane.

[-] smokeweedeveryday_ 1 Point 10 months ago

yeah i'm gonna go against the grain here, 99% of the comments in the /r/news thread was actually 'damn I don't like trump but this is way too far and I don't wanna see him assassinated'

[-] FantasticCellTech 1 Point 10 months ago

At least they're consistent in their hatred for America/their own existence.

Someone who would kill them/destroy their country dies -- somber moment, killing is wrong. Someone who is fighting for them/their country is targeted -- too bad they didn't kill him!!

[-] container11 1 Point 10 months ago

they are like children. big fat babies. i cant even be mad at them anymore

[-] Tucos_cousin 1 Point 10 months ago

those are indeed some powerful shower thoughts

[-] uvebeenrekt 1 Point 10 months ago

Ya because somehow "Trump is literally Hitler"

Nevermind Osama is actually responsible for the murder of thousands of americans.

They were just being their cucked selves, trying to score points with the muslims. virtue signal etc...

[-] RedditForFBball 1 Point 10 months ago

Truly a misguided world they live in.

[-] Josephthehun 1 Point 10 months ago

Liberals = terrorists

[-] LoneWords 1 Point 10 months ago

Is it any surprise? Bin Laden represents the latent desires of most American liberals, unfettered destruction

[-] Mickusa 1 Point 10 months ago

They are the enemy -

[-] ibruuules 1 Point 10 months ago

contemplating the logic of those dirty libs and SJWs.

Rookie mistake, there's no logic there to contemplate

[-] AjPjSay 1 Point 10 months ago

Simple explanation for this: the libs and SJWs are terrorists.

[-] epicirclejerk 1 Point 10 months ago

Can I get a link to where they are saying this shit?

[-] maga_nrg_man 0 Points 10 months ago

We need to bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee.

America needs to be put under a comprehensive detox program.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 10 months ago


[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 2 Points 10 months ago

No not much straw man, here is just one example: an example of those people. Fucked up.

Plenty of more examples like that out there but you've already been lazy enough you're going to have to find the rest on your own time , though that isn't hard

[-] shmokayy 1 Point 10 months ago

All you have to do is go on twitter and search 'kill Trump' or something along those lines and you'll be bombarded with disgusting tweets from young liberals and SJWs.

[-] [deleted] -4 Point 10 months ago


[-] urmombaconsmynarwhal 3 Points 10 months ago

So if I changed one single line it would work for you?

years ago, people were celebrating the death of Bin Laden on social media and libs/SJWs were whining, saying we should never celebrate the loss of someone's life, even Bin Laden. Yet 5 years later, the same group is saying they wish that kid was successful in killing The Don.

[-] Justanotherpen -4 Point 10 months ago

You act like word choice isn't important and can't change the meaning of entire paragraphs. Which is odd you don't see it that way, considering how critical this sub is of mainstream media who does this on the daily, taking things out of context, changing a word here with a different word that's similar but instead draws the desired connotation and paints the story in a completely different light. It's simple propaganda techniques uniting us against a perceived "them". So yeah one word can make a huge difference. No it doesn't make it okay for me because it's still a complete lie. Most of the liberals were celebrating with Obama who repeatedly has marked this as one of the victories of his time in office. You guys are just making up shit to get mad about at this point.