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- Hide Preview | 6 Comments | submitted 4 years ago by ilovemagicmush [Post Locked]

A few days ago I posted on r/asktrp about my ex.

TL;DR for the above link: Was dating a girl, I went across the country to work during the summer, we broke up while I was away, I regretted breaking up and came back to try to work things out ($500 ticket, ultra beta). Turns out she already started seeing another guy but "wasn't serious". We would hang out and make out. Never had the opportunity to fuck her for logistic reasons but she said she wanted to fuck. I wasn't comfortable with her seeing the other guy and wasn't sure what to do.

The day after, I put my foot down. I told her that I won't be in her life if she chooses to continue seeing this guy. She said she wanted to continue seeing him and was pissed at me for leaving her. She made her decision. I walk away from her.

Later that same day I go to a comedy festival alone downtown because I had nothing to do. I see an attractive girl sitting alone. Ask her if she's waiting for someone and if I can chill with her. She says sure. We spend 3 hours having a great time, she shows me around the place, talk about a lot of shit.

She has to go to an event with a friend but she said she'd text me after maybe we can go for drinks. Cool.

She texts me, I tell her lets go to so and so bar. She says she's not down because she has to shower and change... so she invites me her to place instead to have wine.

I get to her place, we chill in her bed, make out, and fuck for the whole night. It was literally the best sex of my entire life. She was telling me how attractive I was. Says she can't sleep when she has a hottie in her bed. She must have went down on me 4 times (she initiated) plus I went through 4 condoms on top of that. We didn't sleep. I never encountered a girl with such a high sex drive and so energetic in bed.

Bonus is that she's not promiscuous. She's 25 and slept with 8 guys in total, and none of them before the 3rd date. I'm the first guy she made an exception for.

Lesson: Go to the gym, don't waste your energy on girls who you shouldn't be wasting your energy on

[-] slater2j 6 Points 4 years ago

Good job, just don't let your guard down because you believed her 8 dudes not before 3rd date story.

[-] ilovemagicmush 1 Point 4 years ago

I didn't mention this in the story but she cancelled on me that night before I met up with her, but I reassured her indirectly that I wasn't a murderer or rapist, so she uncancelled.

She explained later in the night that she thought it wasn't right to let someone in your home you just met that day, but she trusted her gut because she got really good vibes from me when we were hanging out. She was honest about plenty of things, I don't see why she would lie about it. We talked a lot about previous experiences, past relationships, etc. There was never any weird pauses or awkward vibes. We were really straightforward with each other.

[-] RidleySmith 3 Points 4 years ago

Bonus is that she's not promiscuous

Yeah.... No.

Still great job though

[-] -SoItGoes 2 Points 4 years ago

Yea, he's still lying to himself.

[-] OwhShit 10 Points 4 years ago

Lol "I'm the first guy she made an exception for."

[-] xwm 8 Points 4 years ago

Shall I tell him?