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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Chinzon [Post Locked]

-xpost from TRP since someone said this belonged here-

TL;DR: First post on the sub after lurking for half a year. Sharing excel file for tracking Gains and Nutrition

Good afternoon everyone, I'm a lurker of a few months on the Red Pill. It's still too soon for me to interject with my experiences, however in regards to recent posts regarding the importance of lifting and becoming a better physical and mental individual, I wanted to share an excel sheet I made to start my second year of med school with. I read the posting rules, but there wasn't anything in regards to this type of post. I want to contribute what I can in my early stages of self improvement inside and out. Comments and criticism are welcome. I filled in the first day as an example

Images of the document:

Lessons learned (so far):

-Always strive to improve yourself and be better than who you were yesterday

-No matter how busy you think you are, if you have a passion for something, you will find time for it

-Your life and your well being should be your top priority. You cannot bring happiness to others if you do not have it within yourself (meaning doing what is good for you first)

edit: added images of the program