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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Zagiggity [Post Locked]

My apologies for the ensuing wall of text but I can't thank The Red Pill enough for convincing me to finally begin thinking for myself.

I was introduced to TRP by a mutual friend while at the gym converting my anger and bitterness into progress - I had been crushed. I found the girl of my dreams and knew she was the Woman I wanted to settle down with for the rest of my life. I've never taken marriage or divorce lightly due to living through 4 of them throughout the first 12 years of my life. My Dad is on his 3rd (deadbedroom/bb) marriage and my Mother has divorced 3 men.

"Divorce is a generational curse," my Christian Mother and church taught me. It's something spiritual that must be defeated by a diligent relationship with Christ and prudent search. I grew up believing that God would bless my efforts if I never strayed from that - but NOWHERE did anyone teach me anything about Women. Noone taught me that Women will use and abuse a beta blue-pill provider until I was led to TRP. I'm of the Christian faith and now subscribe heavily to most everything TRP teaches. Many of my decisions after swallowing the pill differ from those of the Christian beliefs and I'm okay with that. Feminism has somehow snuck its way into the roots of my religion and would have you become as beta as possible in no time flat.

So what happened to my princess having said all this? After her "man" lost his balls and got too comfortable, she dumped him very simply. I lost all sense of manhood and leadership after a few months - as have many guys in FRs I've seen here. I felt as if I could let my guard down and she'd still "accept me for me." She taught me more than anyone else in my life up until this point. She continually asked me to step up and be more outgoing - to take up for myself and her more. To spend less time with her and more time working on myself. She had begun to feel "restless" as if we were more of friends than lovers. Princess has some RP ideals from her upbringing but regardless is a party animal with a dark past. I'm happy to report that in 6 long months I've found myself and my backbone. I've lifted, dieted, and slept consistently for 4 of the months and am farther along in my fitness and appearance than ever before. I've learned the art of stoicicity and maintaining frame while developing game and ever increasing my SMV. I've gained my first plate - a former lesibian - and she can't get enough of me

Thank you TRP for convicing me to take up for myself and be a Man. IT WORKS and seeing in first person has blown my mind. I hope to be able to contribute to this community in the coming years.