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- Hide Preview | 2 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by AmericanHistoryAFBB [Post Locked]

Just wanted to say that I got laid 3 times in the span of one week recently and cuddled with a Korean. Thank you Red Pill for the advice.

While none of the girls are 9's or 10's (save for the Korean) I realize I'll have to keep raising my SMV to get higher caliber women in my life.

I will say that one of those girls was starting to become a problem for me and I will no longer be going for girls who are obese. Not worth it, so from now on the girls have to have some semblance of a good body.

If theres one piece of advice I'd like to thank TRP the most for, it's the women are like children theory. It really has done it's job with taking them off the pedestal and I love the playful banter between me and women now.

So, thanks, and remind me to get some 9's and 10's in the future. Haven't had any blondes yet, so thats my next goal.

[-] aWolfAmongRavens 8 Points 3 years ago

We all start somewhere. Move on and move up, never go back down.

[-] RealRG 4 Points 3 years ago

"And cuddled with a Korean"