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- Hide Preview | 1 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by lqYQXfEktA [Post Locked]

Throw away account.

Going to try and make this one short. I'm a successful engineer working at a huge tech company on some major projects & platforms (think multi-million dollars). Spent my entire 20's doing nothing but work work and working on tech related side projects, starting up a successful non-profit during that time. I've always been a good looking guy, but never really had luck w/ women, always drank the BP syrup assuming they would just come with time, didn't realize what it meant to be alpha.

There were a few exceptions to this, in my mid-twenties I went out with a 8/9 but made so many BP mistakes (realizing this now) that things never panned out. Not too long after I lost my virginity at 26 to an older woman (mid-30's) who contacted me through OKC. I didn't know it at the time she was going through a divorce, and technically still was married. In retrospect I'd rather not have done that and now to this day my hard rule is I don't go out with women in committed relationships. There are enough single women out there and I'm not going to betray other men by being dishonest and going behind people's backs.

Towards the end of the decade I took up martial arts (Aikido) and focused on physical and mental fitness. For no other reason to be the best man I could be. My efforts paid off, I'm currently in the best shape of my life and am always eager to play sports and be active. I also spent a very long time studying and practicing various meditation techniques and jumped on opportunities to travel around the country and world for work.

Turning 30 I started thinking about things differently. Partially due to the onset of health issues (spinal arthritis, acid reflux) I realized that if I was going to have intimate relationships with women in my life I needed to take a more proactive approach. For a while I was going out with another 8/9 but again made so many BP mistakes that I never sold the deal (did make it up to LMR! though didn't know what LMR was at the time). The girl disappeared not too long after that, and I went through a several month dry spell, putting myself out there, making plenty of mistakes, but continuing to learn from those. It was tough mentally as it was 5 years by this point since my last intimate encounter and the only time was when an older woman pursued me. During this period there were times I felt bouts of depression and questioned my efforts and ability to pursue women. I kept pushing forward, trying to get out of my comfort zone, and continuously learning from my mistakes.

Last month I discovered TRP and everything clicked. The abundance mentality drove the final mannerisms which I needed to convey the man I am and what I am looking for in women. Last week I dated four girls (a brunette, a red head, a blonde, and an Indian girl) and last night I sealed the deal with the blonde.

Thank you TRP! There are no guarantees in life and this is just the beginning of another stage of self improvement but it feels great getting through a milestone! Am still insanely driven with work and always aim to do the best I can do there, but unlike my 20's I intend to spend alot of quality time in my 30's connecting with people in the real world!

[-] bgny 2 Points 3 years ago

You are in a very good position, at the peak of a man's sexual prowess, with a good career, and at prime health. Don't waste it, this decade should be the best of your life.