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- Hide Preview | 17 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by darkstar505 [Post Locked]

I am so happy I found TRP.

I am a 20 year old male. People have always said I look good, kissed plenty of girls actually but nothing more than that, with some exceptions. I knew there was something I didn't do right: I was a "nice guy". I was too kind and never got angry when I should have been angry. TRP changed me completely: I do what I want, say what I want and don't let people walk over me any more. I started doing exercise three times a day (pushups, sit-ups etc.), started eating healthy, stopped drinking and drugs. I feel absolutely amazing about myself and a lot of my friends made positive remarks about my new found attitude. My new nickname is "The Fixer".

On top of that I lost my virginity just an hour ago. Since it was my first time I was kind of clumsy but she enjoyed it. For the first time in my life, I feel like a man not just some overgrown boy. There is still room for improvement but I will work to reach that goal. If I can do this within a month, who knows what else I can pull off.

Thank you so much TRP

[-] TotesMessenger 11 Points 3 years ago

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[-] AlphaAsFAQ 2 Points 3 years ago

Well done mate. Congrats especially on the drinking and drugs, never easy.

[-] aboveaveragebabydick 2 Points 3 years ago

Male virginity is poison, it'll fuck with your head. Congrats on getting that poison out.

[-] Entershikari 1 Point 3 years ago

Just lost your virgnity an hour ago and you post to thank us !

Ayyyy Lmmaaaooo !!

You're welcome !! Congratulation on the road to the best version of yourself it's a wonderful journey with no stop !

[-] throwaway-aa2 0 Points 3 years ago

Good. Congrats.

Not to rain on your parade, but allow me to make a minor suggestion (that I wish someone would have clarified with me right at the beginning of my TRP journey.... so much fucking time wasted).

When we say "Lift", we mean it. Not "Exercise". "LIFT". Not "Cardio". "LIFT". Not "Pushups" or "Jumping Jacks" or "Crunches" or whatever else you can try to come up with. "LIFT"!!

3 reasons for lifting: Aesthetics (SMV), Testosterone, and Confidence from strength and surmounting a mental barrier. Pushups will get you nowhere FAST in terms of developing an impressive body (if you want a full explanation I can give you one but basically you could do pushups for many many months and not attain the same results someone doing bench press for 1-2 months would get). They're also not going to increase Testosterone / growth hormone like Squats / Deadlifts will. Also your strength won't increase that dramatically, nor will the level of challenge really achieve that of putting 315 on your back and trying to squat it (I'm about to get there... so mentally challenging).

I fucked up and tried doing body weight shit, gymnastics shit, pushup / ab crunch shit at the beginning. Sure, anything is better than nothing but if you have access to a gym and / or a bench / rack under any reasonable terms, then you're 100% wasting time better spent.

Read Starting Strength as usual (often suggested in this subreddit).

[-] darkstar505 2 Points 3 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I don't mind the critique on my lack of lifting, that is actually one of the things I wanted to improve. Going to get a pass for my local gym this week.

[-] EnterPseudonym -8 Point 3 years ago

So you only feel like a man because a woman let you? If you base your masculinity of that, then you will always be dependent of women to prove it. I'd suggest fixing that.

[-] 94redstealth 6 Points 3 years ago

he never said that. he actually never said anything other than the finalization of the act. Dont try and bust his chops for no reason. For all you know, he walked up to a girl and said I want you right now and did her behind the gas station.

Good job OP, thats a great stepping stone. Keep moving forward and working on yourself. There is always more out there. Keep moving forward.

[-] EnterPseudonym -4 Point 3 years ago

"On top of that I lost my virginity just an hour ago. Since it was my first time I was kind of clumsy but she enjoyed it. For the first time in my life, I feel like a man not just some overgrown boy."

How does this not imply that he bases his masculinity on women's acceptance of him? The only reason I'm busting chops is to help him improve himself and not become dependent on women for self validation.

[-] darkstar505 4 Points 3 years ago

I don't base my masculinity on women's acceptance. However, I do see losing my virginity as one of the things that are part of my rite of passage in becoming a man (like in a lot of cultures). That is what I meant.

[-] EnterPseudonym -3 Point 3 years ago

You see your masculinity continuing to culminate now that a a woman has allowed you access to her vagina. Yes you still sought the approval of a woman to define yourself.

[-] bgny 1 Point 3 years ago

Christ man, the guy just got laid for the first time, let him enjoy it a little. You still in the anger phase?

[-] EnterPseudonym 1 Point 3 years ago

No. I'm past it already. I've just swallowed more of the pill than most people here. TRP is not about gaming women and sex. Part of it is removing validation and sense of value from women's grasp, and basing your masculinity on losing your virginity, is putting power in their hands. Catering to women, whether it's blue pill or red pill is still catering.

[-] bgny 1 Point 3 years ago

There are certain milestones in a man's life and losing your virginity is one of them. It has nothing to do with anyone else, it's an early achievement and as a young man there's not much better for your self-esteem. Women don't hold this power, his genetics do, his sex-drive does. If you are ok with being a virgin that's fine, but for most young men they want to know that they don't have to only masturbate and fantasize their whole life in order to fulfill their needs.

[-] aboveaveragebabydick 2 Points 3 years ago

god, you're a self-righteous faggot

[-] EnterPseudonym -1 Point 3 years ago

Insightful, please go on.

[-] aboveaveragebabydick 2 Points 3 years ago

You're cute