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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by let_terror_reign [Post Locked]

Toxic relationships growing up, toxic females, bad friends. Parents solid and caring but dad was working overseas.
Y'know what? 3 years ago I kpt asking "why me? Why do I feel this way?"

I've learnt so much from you guys. Archwinger and IllimitableMan were like the big brothers I never had. For once, with TRP, I was that 6 year old hanging out with the cool and suave 11 year olds; and they didn't even MIND!
They taught me what I wish I had big brothers to teach me; and my little brother benefits from that by proxy.

I'm still a virgin, and I still don't have my own place or a job (I'm in school) but I am damn fucking sure all these things will change, and I'm in an awesome I-love-you-all-you're-my-bros-and-I'd-die-for-you feeling towards so many of you guys. Thank you for doing what you do; this is the best part of altruism and this is why I can't resist helping people either - seeing the smile on their face when they realise "this is it; I'm the real deal, I'm legit, and I can handle the world".
Daaamn guys, thank you for helping me empower myself. It's no longer an "if", it's only a "when" now.