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- Hide Preview | 6 Comments | submitted 3 years ago by Schrodingersdawg [Post Locked]

I'm studying computer programming. I hit absolute rock bottom over the past few years (couldn't get laid, false rape accusation after my first time kissing a girl in months (and that's all we did) lost all my friends at college because of that, contemplated suicide, etc.)

So I dove into just working to focus on something other than the pain. I had a tough as balls interview with the CEO of a small company. Held my frame, didn't get flustered, used silence to my advantage. It went well and he wanted me on board, so we began discussing pay.

I asked for $40 an hour when realistically I would've accepted 20. He said he couldn't do that, I asked for 30. Deal.

I don't know what I'm worth in the sexual marketplace but I know what I'm worth in this field. And I was willing to push the envelope to get what I wanted.

Thanks. Everything else has gone wrong but at least I have this.

[-] johndoe21012014 3 Points 3 years ago

I hope everything goes uphill from here, congrats.

[-] Archwinger 3 Points 3 years ago

The things that go wrong teach us how to do the next things right. What you did here works everywhere.

[-] my_redpill_account 3 Points 3 years ago

It's in the hardest times we grow the most. Keep pushing ahead!

[-] AlcohoIicSemenThrowe 1 Point 3 years ago

I'm confused. Why would you study computer programming? Shouldn't it be computer science or Software Engineering?

[-] Schrodingersdawg 1 Point 3 years ago

It is technically computer science but everyone I've met outside of the major just calls it programming.

[-] AlcohoIicSemenThrowe 1 Point 3 years ago

Alright, but computer science is rarely just programming.