Most of the problem with trp comes from being alpha and the focus on being alpha as the good path. When even most of the alpha guys follow women at least in the beginning and they only lead when she becomes doubtful when it comes to sex. Alpha sex is rape and we really don’t want to make anyone feel powerless like that. I like people who fight because they know what making someone feel powerless does to the person mentally. When you really see people give up like that and how it makes them give up on everything. You’ll see the biggest fighters that could do real damage won’t try to alpha because they have so much power that they try to make others feel powerful. I see often that those that always avoided fighting and were the biggest pussies in life talk the biggest alpha shit. This is why expierienced guys often use the words like autists because While you have to be alpha as a man, taking it too far will get you nothing in life. And so comes the long frustrated chumps who were beta their whole life now only want to focus on alpha. They try to alpha when they just had to follow and when they really should have been alpha they run away or fold. Meaning they are only alpha when they see people weaker than them who can’t really challenge them but when someone that could challenge them shows up they don’t want the alpha no more. A well calibrated man knows when to stand and also knows when he just should follow. This is why a good shot of stfu is very important in your Arsenal as a man. It’s not bad if she wants to lead you to sex just get more numbers so you are not waiting for her.

My gift to trp