When wanting to go somewhere, one needs to think of the place they wish to arrive.

Once the compass is set, the next move, is making a move.

This seems to be the hardest part, acting out one's vision.

Thoughts create actions.
One needs to instill the proper thoughts, to provide the proper actions.

If you believe you will fail, you more than likely will fail.

Now, what one should do instead is instill, replace, and program positive thoughts instead.

You need to re-program yourself

Your sub-conscience will fruition anything it focuses on.

Many do not know this and let the sub-conscience roam, search, and seek quick and easy gratification.

There are multiple ways to re-program yourself:

  • Reinforcement/Envision meditation. This is sitting down and repeating your goal in you head while mediating, and envisioning how you will accomplish this goal.
  • Doing the Write thing. Writing down what you wish to do, how you wish to do it, why you wish to do it, and that you will do it.
  • RELAX. A relaxed state of mind is key to creativity because we become more insightful, leaving us more likely to make connections between ideas, and making plans. It is also easier to instill beliefs into the sub-conscience when the mind is in a relaxed state. (Ex. Hot Bath, mediation music, sun gazing)
  • Positive feedback. If you get positive results from doing something you will more than likely want to do it more. Reward yourself after accomplishing a goal.

In order to succeed one needs to set LONG TERM GOALS and then provide daily habits and SHORT TERM GOALS.

LONG TERM GOALS : Thoughts create vision
SHORT TERM GOALS : Steps create a path

Constantly envision, imagine, and believe your goal coming to life.

Have the sub-conscience put your "Goal Detestation" on the internal GPS.

Just like how society programs false narratives into you, one should take control and instill programming into themselves to make it easier to act out their goals.

Another key step, is having your environment suit your needs.

The less resistance in your path, the easier it will be to take.

Get rid of negative influence in your environment (Ex. Bad friends, bad food,)

Lastly, having a strong desire to achieve the goal provides greater fuel to make it to the destination.

If you "Burn the Boats" out of mere necessity, your body will overclock to achieve it's goal. Therefore making you more likely to achieve it.

This post helps, though small, in carrying out The Power Process.



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