The Iron Rules of Shit

  • You cannot allow a woman you’re in a relationship with to have male friends. Period.
  • The goal with a woman is to fuck her. Every move you make should be progressing towards that goal.
  • There’s no such thing as a woman who’s truly single. She’s at the very least talking to a few different guys at any given time, so you have to look GOOD and stand out.
  • There are multiple external factors at play which you have no control over. Remember, she has a life, too. Her grandpa died. She’s sick. She’s in love already. She failed a test etc etc. If that’s the case, just move on.
  • She gives you a hard time? She’s uncompliant? Drop your attention to zero and speak to another woman.
  • The perfect woman does not exist. She must obey you. Some women are more moldable than others.
  • Every single hot girl has a personality disorder. They have attention dumped on them as soon as they grow a pair of tits, and they continue to be showered in attention until their late 20s to early 30s.
  • Here’s a major mindset shift for most guys: what would you rather do… lavish attention on her, invest a ton of time money and energy, do all this work… and possibly still not get anywhere with her… or give less attention, that she values over almost everything else?

The Toilets Shit-Test:

Your attention needs to go to nearly 0 once you sleep with her.

You set standards. Think about it...

Once you fuck her, you are in the position of power.

If you fuck and she never talks to you again, she’s a slut.

She should want to keep YOU.

Off-lid dunk facts:

women are designed to share a man

YOU NEVER EVER APOLOGIZE for sleeping with another woman. Once you admit fault, they will tear you apart. But don’t lie either. Reassure her that you love her and only her, that you’re just having sex with these girls and that you don’t care for them in the same way.

You don’t ask girls to go on dates. You TELL them. No ‘sometimes’. No ‘would you like to’.