Before I begin. I'd like to intro my stats:

Early 20's, 6 figure earner, jacked, fashionable, and very experienced with game. I and others would rank my SMV at top 10%.

My women is the traditional house wife type. Early 20s, does all the house chores and cooks every single one of my meal. Submissive, respects my time, accepts that I see other women casually, and does exactly as I say. After being with many many women, I understand how hard it is to run into this type of women in the United States.

The problem is she knows that I see many women on the side but she doesn't know that I want multiple wives. I plan on staying in another country for a few months. Within those few months I plan on looking for a long term relationship that is a potential wife. When I first met her, I told her she was the only women I be in an LTR with. But over time, my horizon expanded and I want more now... First came the casual partners, which she accepted. It is closed on her side, meaning she cannot entertain or see other men.

How do i tell her that I will be away for a few months in another country? I have never been away for that long because we live together. Should I even tell her I am looking for another wife or let her find out naturally? She definitely got emotionally damaged from me seeing other women, but she has no other choice because I'm her best option. But I think that another marriage is a step much bigger than just casual sex with others.

Why do I want multiple wives? To have many children

Why do I not want monogamy? Your women loves you more when she knows you're able to and are seeing other women