So I’ve wondered at times, if following TRP leads people to believe some things that aren’t true. Namely that all women will cheat with the right guy, or that all women sleep around or have slept around.

But when I read blue pill posts back in the day, instead of saying that women aren’t all sleeping around, they said that it’s somehow a good thing for girls to be raging sluts.

So I’m wondering if there’s any group that doesn’t think that all women are whores but that agrees that many are whores and that being a whore is bad.

Edit: my main point here is that you see a lot of TRP stuff about girls all being sluts and everything. I saw a Rich Cooper YouTube short about how all women are sluts. I saw an alpha male strategies post about how if a girl isn’t texting you she’s busy getting fucked. Yet that same guy once said “some girls don’t kiss on da furs date so das jus how it go”. How can this guy think that all girls are constantly getting fucked yet believe that some genuinely don’t kiss on the first date?