Good day gentlemen,

I will try keep this short. I am in need of advice from experienced guys on this forum, since this is the first time I find myself in this situation.

My coworker, a 26-year-old HB 8 has been giving me undeniable IOIs for months. I was giving 0 attention simply because I don't shit where I eat.

However, I will be changing my job soon and so I decided to ask her out. Which I did. She agreed, but a few days before the date she told me that she wont be in the city. I expected her to reschedule or give any kind of indication that she wants to go another time, but I got nothing. Therefore I nexted her and from then on gave her 0 attention.

A couple of weeks go by and she is still giving me IOIs. Even more then before! She even randomly bought me a chocolate which I like and she randomly sends me hearts in messages(to initiate a conversation I suppose). She did see that I don't give her any attention, and asked me two times If I am mad at her. I dodged the question. Nevertheless, she is still trying to flirt with me.

Now, I must admit that I am very nervous around her. She is a league above me in looks. I failed a ton of shit tests when interacting with her. (which is why I thought she dodged our date)

Did anybody here have a similar situation? You fail shit tests, you give a girl 0 attention, she even dodged the date which you scheduled, BUT she is still going out of her way to talk to you and she gives you constant IOIs!?

I am 90% sure that she is just messing with me for some weird reason. Girls usually get cold and dry very quickly if you fail shit tests.

So why is she still giving me this much attention? Is she messing with me, or is it possible that she is indeed attracted to me?