Recently I met a girl through my sports club. She is a 9.

I spent a couple of days in her city (40 miles where I am) and on both days I invited her out and we had a great time. Logistics didn't allow for much escalation and she seemed a little resistant, by the end of the second date she asked me whether we will see each other again and I honestly said probably not because I am not sure where this was going.

Sounded like she had a bit of a panic attack when I left and I came home to a couple of long messages about how she needs to be ready blablablabla to which I just replied sure we'll see what happens and left it at that.

She came to my city recently on a visit, and texted me. I wasn't in town so I couldn't meet, and I suggested she stays on for another night to which she said she couldn't because she had other commitments. I left her on read. She then sent a "how are you?" text which I just ignored.

Then she sent a text "are you sad that we didn't meet" so the interest is somewhat there. Not sure what to reply at this point.

I inquired and she is in LDR with someone in another country. To me this could be the signs of monkey branching.

I am not sure what to reply to that text, and how to take this forward. Ideas?