Been seeing this girl for well over a month now. There was some holiday inbetween there, so we haven't seen eachother consistently all this time. We happen to both be working in the same company. Yes, i know, "don't shit where you eat", but thing is i have already agreed to work in another company, so i will only be working here until summer. Also, we don't work in the same department and we mostly just see eachother during lunch. Because of that i was willing to take the risk when we matched on tinder. We had three dates that went really well, we kissed and madeout and i felt like she showed a lot of green flags. After a holiday break, i invite her over for some food and a movie. She agrees, and after cuddling a bit during the film we start fooling around. The weird part is that she stopped me when i reached for the 'promised land', and told me that she "doesn't think this is such a good idea". I'm confused and ask her about it and she says "because of work, you know". Why would it take her this long to realise that this wasn't a good idea? She also mentioned the fact that i was only there until summer (will move to another city for a little while), and that maybe it would have been different if i was staying, which also makes NO sense to me, because why would that stop us from at least fucking right now? She then pulls the "maybe it's best if we just stay friends".

The dumb part is that we still kept going a bit, and fooled around, and she seemed quite into it, and i thought maybe it was just LMR from her side, but eventually i gave up and had to go, blue balls and all. I figured there wasn't anything to pursue here anymore. The next day, she texts me after work and asks me to come over to watch a movie. Right.. So, if she just wanted to be 'friends' why would she do that then? In my head i'm thinking "Okay, so she probably regrets not going all the way yesterday and now she wants to do it". I go over, and she seems a lot more "firm" than last night. There are lit candles on the table too. We start cuddling and fooling around a lot faster this time, and i'm thinking 'this is it'. Then she fucking stops again when i'm about to pull off her panties. We're literally almost naked, grinding, and she decides to not go all the way, when we're THIS close? Why? I finger her to orgasm and she jerks me off, and that's it. Pretty pathetic, i know. The really confusing part is how INTO ME she seems. She gives me these long stares and smiles, she caresses my body, seems to genuinely enjoy my company. So why is she holding back?

I decide to cut down a bit on contacting her after this, for obvious reasons. At one occasion, she sends me a snapchat photo that she got a phonenumber from some guy who was hitting on her at a café. I act unphased by it, and just kinda "haha, a note, that's charming", and she replies "yeah it's kinda romantic, could definitely end up sending him a text". This is a shit-test from her, right? I can't tell if she wants me to get jealous and get a reaction from me, or if she's just genuinely trying to rub it in my face that she just wants us to be "friends"? I have been seeing a few other girls during this period, but there is something about this girl that i can't really shake off. Well, one part is that she got the greatest pair of tits i have ever seen, but also just that i don't think i've ever chased a girl that's been so confusing. Because of my work situation it is very likely there won't be anything serious between us, but damn i just want to go all the way with her. Should i make one more attempt next week (I'm going on a weekend-trip tomorrow) or am i just kicking myself for wasting time on her? Thoughts?