Okay, I must say that the whole “narcissism” thing seemed like bullshit to me, because of the fact that Reddit is gay and Reddit constantly talks about narcissists and how everyone is a narcissist.

But I saw a post where someone said something about narcissists that made sense.

Also, when I used Reddit to ask about my situation with oneitis before I found TRP, all of the advice from relationship advice and dating advice subreddits said I couldn’t take a hint and blamed me, but the one subreddit that blamed the girl (the girl laid it on thick) was r/narcissists or whatever.

Which suggests that MAYBE the narcissist subreddit is different from the rest of Reddit, meaning that perhaps narcissism is a real issue with women (and people in general), because the rest of Reddit is retarded so anything that isn’t like most of Reddit is likely more valid.

So I wonder if narcissism is a real and common thing?

I don’t have feelings for oneitis these days but I do think she’s a cunt, and part of my disdain towards women in general comes from the fact that they all lead people on (I gathered this opinion after all the retards on Reddit said it’s fine for a girl to go out of her way and to pretend to be interested and pull someone in, claiming that it’s the guy’s fault because “guys like you make girls uncomfortable so they lie to be safe”, which makes no sense because I had taken the presumed hint before oneitis lied and laid it on thick to pull me in, and I did nothing wrong at all between meeting and asking out).

So my point is, IF leading people on is a narcissistic trait, that means that it is possible that not every girl is a piece of shit, just as long as you can find a girl who isn’t a narcissist.

I read that narcissists say shit to pull people in, called lovebombing, but it’s only for their ego.

This was a huge issue with oneitis, so if it’s an actual condition she had and not just how women behave, then it’s compelling evidence that women aren’t all total heartless cunts, only the narcissistic ones.

I’ve even heard people here, however, say leading people on isn’t treating the person being led on like shit, but I’ve thought about it and I disagree.