Been spinning this plate for about 2 months now. As much as i dont like to admit it, we go raw, and i dont do it with every girl.

Anyways, i saw her the other night and after we had sex we were cuddling and she asked if i had any STD's. I laughed and told her of course not. I told her to look at my cock closely do you see anything? She laughed it off.

The interesting part is that this girl, found out a few weeks ago that i hooked up with her friend (while we were seeing each other). I had NO IDEA they knew each other. I found out after that they were friends, idgaf just chalked it up to some nice preselection/dread + were not exclusive or anything.

I have a feeling that she was scared to bring that up, so she used the STD question to hint that she knew i hooked up with her friend. Is this her indirectly angling for exclusivity? Should i expect "The Talk" coming soon?