In short: can I get the results TRP offers but without having to spend so much time or doing so much work for years, and having to go through tons of failure? (eg: like selling my soul to the devil in some kind of ceremony)

Well coming from a fucking religious blue pilled family, we always saw 'selling the soul' as guys who became rich, got women, etc (I mean guys on top of their game with their shit together, what we aim for in TRP). And I think the path to do that is just following the red pill (I mean, by following TRP and putting in the work, I can get women, money, etc, I can become whatever the fuck I want)

The thing is, we saw that as a ceremony and stuff where you could 'negotiate' shit with the devil without putting in the work (something instantaneous), is that a thing? I seriously DON'T FUCKING CARE, everything I would like to is having a decent life at some point, I wasted the best years of my life already

Thanks, brothers