Second post tonight, boys. Here's something that I've been thinking about. I'm too boring with women! whenever I approach girls, I'm not very fun. The conversation topics revolve around what she does for work, where she goes to school, what are her aspirations etc. The problem is, I can tell this isn't really attracting her because it's basic conversation stuff that she could have with just about anybody. So I've been reading more of the sidebar and I've seen some posts on TRP archive about how I need to be flirtatious and sexual about it in a FUN way because that's what will make a girl interested in the conversation and we both can have fun with it. The problem is, I cannot practice this in a setting where I can get into deep trouble like at a community college or a gym. I feel like I would get a sexual harrassment claim if I started making sexually playful comments towards her. Should I keep it PG in these places then?