Other than changing the subject, is there anything one could do to make her not only talk about herself?

She’s a 9/10 and is used to living in the world where everything revolves around her, with guys bending over for her and doing whatever she says all the time.

It’s literally to the point where someone will add her on social media and she’ll go on for minutes about how what they might think of her and why they followed her. It honestly seems like she’s never experienced a guy who didn’t let her just talk and talk about herself.

It might just be a lost cause or something I’m not quite ready for, she’s older and more experienced than I am. I change the subject or just tell her I gtg and leave. I could maybe tell her that ‘whatever person on social media or life’ doesn’t actually think or care about her so much? Seems blatantly stupid to say that and even make it that real.

What do you guys do in this kind of situation? I’ve never experienced one this deep into that world she’s in.