---Backstory + short field report---

Met a very attractive girl on Hinge Friday. She was new to the city. We had some drinks, and she really liked me and was trying to qualify herself to me on the date. She was telling me about how she would cook for me and buy me gifts. Once the date is over, she invited me to hit downtown with her friends. I said sure, I mean my other plan was a birthday party for this other thot but that was a 40 minute drive and I knew there were other guys she invited who would try and fuck her. So I either drive 40 minutes and MAYBE get some ass or kick it with ol girl and likely get some ass. She made sure to mention to me that her roommate still wasn't moving in for another month so she had the apartment to herself, that's how I knew I was going to fuck this night.

I go out with her and her friends and I make sure to appeal to the friends because I know how much that means to chicks. The friends loved me. We got drinks and I got to the point where I was not blasted drunk but was above buzzed. We walk back to her apartment, and she's holding my hand and my arm, as well as taking snapchat photos and videos of me and posting them to her story. She's been the one to initiate kino over the entire date. I did no initiating because she was always the one to do it first. Not to brag, but she was clearly starstruck.

We get to her apartment and her friends leave, so it's just us. I tell her to put on a movie on Netflix. We're 3 minutes into the movie before she turns to me and starts viciously making out with me and telling me how fine I am. I carry her to the bed, and we get it on. She's a complete sex freak. Unfortunately, the alcohol gave me whisky dick, and I couldn't maintain my erection for the first time in my life. It literally died in her as she was riding me, and as she sucked on it it turned into a fat caterpillar chode. I was beyond embarrassed because she was clearly trying to fuck my brains out, but I told her next time we would, and we watched more Netflix until I left.

-----Why I made this post----

I linked up with her yesterday. We cooked together, then watched a romcom, then I went to her room because we clearly had unfinished business. As I was slowly escalating, she told me she had her period the previous day. I said okay, no problem, we'll just have to finish our business next week. She then brought up the fact that she had taken a Plan B 2 weeks prior and that it fucked up her period cycle. I never openly judge women, so I tried to let it pass. I told her that I had never made a girl have to take a plan B before, and she said that she's taken them lots of times before but to not think of her as a whore. This shit disgusted me and I tried to not let it show on my face but all I could think of was all the dudes who had busted nuts in her prior.

We went on speaking normally, and at some point she told me I was definitely the best guy she had been with in a long time and how her friends loved being around me and saw me as an upgrade to her last guys. I'm thinking this is because I show this very non-judgemental side to women who tell me crazy shit like the shit she told me.

So, how do I go on with this interaction? I have a feeling that she's already attached/caught feelings because ever since day 1 she has initiated contact every time and gives me instant responses and constantly wants to see me, and let me fuck the first date. She has already started making future plans with me, telling me how the next time I come over she'll host a party and how once we get past the beginning stages of this we'll get to the sleepover stage and she'll be cooking for me and buying me my favorite snacks. A cool ass girl but I cannot for the life of me get the thought of all the men who have played her and busted nuts in her.