Hello everyone, so.. mood shifts.

Quick information about me, 24M, pursuing computer science degree, because of the pandemic, I've got no friends here to socialize, I just go out for work out then come back home. That's enough.

When I try to no-fap and get my stuff together, waking up early, diet etc. after a couple of days later, my brains start telling me: "Stop this fucking nerd school, stop studying the nerd shit, get a cop or dj or musician or sales or whatever relatively easier job and socialize and get pussy."

When I'm on fapping constantly, which I think I'm more rational, I cease the hormones and the libido, I've come to realise that I need to finish this school, doesn't matter I like or not, because good money and oppotunities, give yourself a year or two monk mode, you'll be way better after those years.And one more interesting stuff, when I'm with a girl, right after a intercourse, I keep telling myself, "Yeah, you got some nice time here with this chick, so what? What are you gonna do next? Don't you think you need to do something better for your life other than wasting thirty minutes with this useless chick?"

So.. as I say the second phase which I call I'm more rational, but the first one.. That should be my natural state, right? Off the fap, diet, working out, then I think I need to submit to this because it's my natural self, I'll be more competent and happy if I listen to that fella.. I don't know ,what's your views about this?