Long story short, I've been seeing this girl for a month now and, as a matter of fact, she also did this the first time we had sex where she would put up her anti slut defense and told me like 15 times she is going to sleep just when we were making out I was about to escalate further. I broke through it when I took out my phone and started browsing internet.

Anyway, also on the first night she even complained that I'm "commanding her" during sex but I just paid it no mind and kept moving her in the positions that I wanted. Nowadays she often says she wants to switch positions because it's "uncomfortable" I usually just say no and do my own thing but it doesnt always work out.

The thing that I dont understand is that,even now, when we are seeing each other once a week, she always stops me a few times before we actually have sex. Clearly its amusing to her. One time I got tired of this and withdrew all attention and started making myself coffee, when she asked what happend I replied: "nothing". After that she told me to come to bed and you guys can figure out the rest. Thing is, this does not stopped her from doing this again and again.

Not sure how to react to this, are these shit tests? Am I supposed to always go cold on her everytime she does this? For the next time we see each other and do a sleepover, I'm actually considering NOT initating for the night and seeing if she will do it herself, because up to this point, she has never once initiated sex.